{ Week 21 - May 20th to May 26th }

This is Week 21.  Below is the two page spread:
 Left hand page:
Right hand page:

Week 21 date card:  Online I have seen a lot of week date cards that really focus on the big numbers related to which week it is so I thought I would give it a go this week.  I like the result.
This week has been an interesting and busy week.  Over the past month or so I have been networking quite a lot, to see if being a Virtual Assistant is the thing for me, rather than working in an office.  Typically I have been going to like two events a week but this week I was actually at an event every day.  I also managed to finally get into one of the Athena Networking Lunches (networking only for women).  I also had a catch-up lunch with Sembi at The Shire Horse.  As always it was an enjoyable visit, Sembi is so upbeat, positive and funny you can't help but feel happy when you're around her.  She also brought along another colleague (Amit) from when we used to work together. It really was a pleasure to see them both.  Journaling card created in Word with the title "The Weekly Highlights" down the left hand side.  

Athena insert card.  As the Athena logo is hot pink and gray I thought I would represent these colours in my insert card.  The networking lunch was great, held at The Great House in Sonning, which is a beautiful setting with the hotel overlooking the Thames River. I met a lot of fabulous women who really seem to know a lot about business but I will have to decide if this is for me.

Had a chance to see Sembi this week for a catch-up lunch, which is always lovely!  We met at The Shire Horse and she brought along another colleague of ours, which was a nice surprise. 
Simon was lucky enough this week to get an invite from "Lord" Roach, an old friend of his from childhood to the BMW Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Wentworth.  Simon is a golf-aholic so he was over the moon about this.  They left early hours of the morning to get down to Wentworth and make a day of it, taking a packed lunch and everything.  He truly enjoyed the day and promised to take a few pics for me for "my book".  The insert below is a scan of his ticket that I printed on cardstock paper.  Amazing how much it looks like the real deal.  
They followed a few groups while they were there, one was with DJ Chris Evans, another with Jodie Kidd and finally one with Ernie Els, Simon's golf hero.  He said it was truly amazing to walk around and watch Ernie play golf. 
And finally just a photo of the clubhouse along with the official signage and the starting point for the day.  Created the text on the photo in Word.  
That's the end of Week 21!


{ Week 20 - May 13th to May 19th }

This is Week 20 of Snap Life!

This week has actually been kind of a busy week.
Below is the two page spread:

Left hand page:

Right hand page:

The Week 20 date card I created in Word.  I have seen a variety of different types of date cards on Two Peas in a Bucket so decided to try my hand at something different this week.  Big fan of pink.

I also decided to get a little bit different with the journal card, rather than just putting my writing (typed or handwritten) on a plain white journal card.  So I added the title down the right hand side that reads "A little bit of the week...".

I have been needing glasses (reading) for a while now and have been putting off going to the Optometrist.  However, I thought it was about time I went so a few weeks back I popped into Boots and had an eye test.  I was given a prescription for both reading glasses and driving glasses.  I expect the reading glasses are needed from sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day. So I thought if I was going to have to wear glasses, then they could at the very least be stylish!  I picked up the completed prescription this week, will be interesting to see how I adjust.
Whenever I want to get lost in something where I don't have to think about anything, just get lost in the process I always turns to baking.  My Mom wasn't much of a baker so not sure if this was "instilled" in me when I was younger but more than likely it has to do with when I trained to be a pastry chef.  I used to love baking prior to that even, so not sure where the "passion for baking" comes from.
Anyone for a chocolate swirl cupcake?? (Only problem is, with not having an office job anymore, I don't have anywhere to take my baked goods).
For this 3x4 pic I added a tag using ledger paper from the Snap Life 6x6 Basics Paper Pad and inked the edges brown.

Thursday night I went with Julie and Sembi to Windsor for speed dating. I had encouraged Julie a while ago to get out in the dating scene and find herself a man, or more like, a husband!  I thought this might be a good place to start, even if it was just for a laugh.  I don't think there were any future brother-in-laws there but suffice it to say, fun was had by all.  (With the 40 Year Old Virgin being one of my favourite films, I will always think of that film now when I think of speed dating.)  For this insert which I created in Word I simply made a 3x4 text box, filled it with blue and wrote the text in white, then added the picture from 40 Year Old Virgin.  (I hope I am not breaking some kind of licensing law here).
I know the picture below seems like an odd thing to include in my scrapbook.  But I have to say, after 7 years in the UK, I am still amazed sometimes by the things I see about America or said by Americans here in England.  When I saw this picture of Honey Boo Boo in the paper I simply had to take a picture.  I was only familiar with her because when an American colleague had visited last year she showed me a clip on youtube.  I couldn't believe it then, that a programme like that even existed.  Now, what I can't believe even more, is that the TV producers here in the UK obtained this programme for UK viewing.  Or maybe it was what the US producers offered to the UK.  Either way America, you're not making a good impression over here.  This picture I mounted on a 3x4 blank journaling card created in Word, then added the title "Honey Boo Boo" down the left hand side and filled in the negative space top and bottom with a pre-printed chevron pattern card from the Snap Life 3x4 cards - either "Sayings" or "Days of the Week".  Not sure as I have taken them all apart from the pad they came in. Then added a vellum tag over the top of the picture.

This was not the way any of us had expected to spend Sunday morning.  Simon and I got out of bed, let Rupert out first thing as usual, only to have him return to the back door stinking to high heaven.  It was ghastly. I figured he had rolled in something but wasn't sure what until Simon came to the door and informed me that he must have found some fox pooh!  It was so gross and so smelly!!!! Straight in the kitchen sink he went. He doesn't look too pleased, does he?!  For this pic I added a typed tag using graph paper from the Snap Life 6x6 Basics Paper Pad, typing the text in red to coordinate with the picture.  The round red camera sticker is from the 12x12 Collection Kit by Snap Life.

That's it for this week.

Thanks for looking.  : )

{ Week 19 - May 6th to May 12th }

This is Week 19 of Snap Life.
I broke out of my comfort zone (ha ha) and instead of using the usual page protectors I used one page with (4) 3x4 pockets and one page with (2) 4x6 pockets.  I'm such a rebel!
Below is the two page spread:
Left hand page:
Right hand page:
As I've actually managed to get Simon taking some pictures now "for my book" as he calls it, I wanted to reflect the vibrant colours in the picture he took throughout the rest of the layout. (He took the picture above from where he's working at the moment).  The Week 19 date card I created in Word. 
The picture below is a lovely scenery shot I took while over at Cookham with Rupert.
 Rupert completely zonked out after his walk.  As I have so much extra time on my hands lately, being a lady of leisure, I have been spending like two hours walking him so he is quite exhausted when we return. It's a wonderful feeling to have him cuddle up next to me and fall asleep, something that is typically reserved for Simon.
As we have been spending so much time on our country walks I wanted to create an insert card that reflected this.  I created this in Word with clipart.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself.
As mentioned above, the picture below is the view from where Simon is working on the two story extension.  A beautiful part of Maidenhead and wonderful view of the farmer's fields full of rapeseed. I tried to reflect these vibrant yellow and greens in the rest of the layout.
Monday here, May 6th, was a Bank Holiday in the UK.  As I hadn't seen Sembi for a while we arranged to meet up in Windsor.  That was a bit of mistake simply because everyone else and their mother had the same idea.  Windsor was absolutely heaving!  So, at the last minute, as we were driving around looking for parking we decided to drive a little further down the road to Datchet and meet up for lunch there at The Royal Stag on the green.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, sitting on the terrace, enjoying a drink or two, laughing and chatting the afternoon away.
That's it for Week 19.  Tune it next week, same time, same place, same Bat channel!

: )

{ Week 18 - April 29th to May 5th }

This is Week 18 of Snap Life (or Project Life via Snap - as I have heard others call it).
Below is the two page spread (with an insert I created as I had quite a few pictures for this week.)  I used one page protector with (2) 3x4 slots and (1) 4x6, the left page and the right is a page protector with (4) 3x4 slots.
Two page spread without the insert:

Left hand page:

Right hand page:

This week has been a very quiet week for me, coming back off of holiday.  While I was away Simon started work on a two story extension for an old client of his in Maidenhead. I have been enjoying walks at Braywick Park and along the river in Cookham with Rupert, trying to enjoy this time off before I am back at work.  Time is precious and there is never enough of it!  Especially as you get older.
This is a picture of Rupert playing catch when I took him for his walk at Braywick Park.  He's funny because on the way out on the walk he can't be bothered to even look at a ball or a stick, but on the way back he always wants to play catch.  I don't know how he knows where we're going or which direction we're headed as we never take the same route around the park.

The picture below is a lovely shot of the River Thames in Cookham.  When the sun is shining, a rarity here in the UK, you really can't ask for a nicer place to take a walk.

On occasion I will take random pics of myself or as they are now called - "selfies".  Need to keep up with all the trendy lingo. After all these years I still don't like having my picture taken but as the "experts" say, there's those experts again, you need to be sure to include the picture taker in your scrapping as well.

I have seen a card online similar to this one below.  Again, as I like to save money where I can I create and print my own insert cards.  As well, creating the insert card helps to give me that little bit of creative design that you normally get in regular scrapbooking back rather than just putting pre-printed cards along with your pictures in the slots and off you go.  Sometimes I like to spend a bit more time in the process and get lost, if you will.

The pic below is of Braywick Park, just here between Maidenhead and Bray.  A lovely little respite here in the middle of the city.  This is one of the trails that we take often.

Rupert and I were sitting in the garden, enjoying the sun.  I was playing around with the camera on my phone and Rupert came over to investigate, looking right into the lens. I thought a picture from this angle would be cute as the perspective sort of looks like if he took it as a "selfie".

Below is an insert I created for the extra pictures I had.  Rupert is not typically drawn to mud however on this day he seemed to be on the lookout for it, so I wanted to create a page that reflected that.  I was surprised that he even managed to find any mud on this day as it was particularly warm and the ground was virtually bone dry. However, he did manage to find a small mud puddle and then proceeded to jump in it till his paws were good and covered. Cheeky!

Well that's it for this week!

Thanks for looking!
Onwards and upwards.

{ Week 17 - April 22nd to April 28th }

Today I have Week 17 to share of my "Project Life".  
Here's the two page spread.  It was very simple this week as I spent most of the week in bed, sick, due to my 30 hour return journey from the US.  God Bless American Airlines (note: sarcasm isn't always discernible via written text).   As I suffer from Chronic Fatigue or Mild ME, (the doctors here could never come to a unanimous diagnosis) things or tasks that might not affect the normal person, like 8 hours worth of travel can sometimes wear me out and then take a day or two for me to recover.  However, as my actual journey from leaving Minnesota to get back to New York to catch the second leg of my flight and then onto to Heathrow took nearly 30 hours from start to finish I was like the walking dead when I got back to London.  Plus the first 22 hours or so took place without me having any sleep, so not good for me as I already don't function well when I have had a good nights sleep.  But factor in no sleep and as the hours crept by I could feel myself slowly, slowly getting worse.  The end result, a week in bed, sleeping like 12 hours or more each night.  At that rate I suppose it was probably a good thing that I didn't have a job to come back to.  I don't know how I would have functioned.
Left hand page:  
Right hand page:

Week 17 Date Card:

Sick in bed insert card.  A generic picture I downloaded from the internet, then added the black lined box along with the text. (The Bad)

A simple insert card created in Word, to follow the theme of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and boy did I play that role to a T!
Rupert keeping me company while I was sick in bed, my faithful companion (and also The Good).

And finally (ah-uh-ah-uh-aww, watt wott wah: music from The Good, The Bad) and    THE UGLY - a part played so well by me!  Wrapped up warm and snug in my plush white robe that Simon got me as a birthday present from The White Company back in February, tucked up in my bed.

And the last page of the album (back side of the ugly picture) as I had filled up my first album!
That's it for now.

{ Minneapolis Trip }

Well, suffice it to say that I haven't actually started on my layout for Minneapolis.  Which is kind of bad as I will only just get behind.  (With feeling so poorly lately I haven't had the energy for much of anything really) So for now I am just posting a few pics from the trip.

The statue in downtown Minneapolis of Mary Tyler Moore

Hell's Kitchen - a local eatery in downtown Minneapolis.  A visit is a must if you are ever there!
 The pecan caramel roll at Hell's Kitchen - this is literally to die for!
Stef's (the friend I went to visit) super cute little house!  Love it!
Typical mid-western fare - I haven't seen tater tots in years!! Seems like they're having a comeback in the mid-West!
A picture of St. Paul's Cathedral - breath-taking!