{ Week 21 - May 20th to May 26th }

This is Week 21.  Below is the two page spread:
 Left hand page:
Right hand page:

Week 21 date card:  Online I have seen a lot of week date cards that really focus on the big numbers related to which week it is so I thought I would give it a go this week.  I like the result.
This week has been an interesting and busy week.  Over the past month or so I have been networking quite a lot, to see if being a Virtual Assistant is the thing for me, rather than working in an office.  Typically I have been going to like two events a week but this week I was actually at an event every day.  I also managed to finally get into one of the Athena Networking Lunches (networking only for women).  I also had a catch-up lunch with Sembi at The Shire Horse.  As always it was an enjoyable visit, Sembi is so upbeat, positive and funny you can't help but feel happy when you're around her.  She also brought along another colleague (Amit) from when we used to work together. It really was a pleasure to see them both.  Journaling card created in Word with the title "The Weekly Highlights" down the left hand side.  

Athena insert card.  As the Athena logo is hot pink and gray I thought I would represent these colours in my insert card.  The networking lunch was great, held at The Great House in Sonning, which is a beautiful setting with the hotel overlooking the Thames River. I met a lot of fabulous women who really seem to know a lot about business but I will have to decide if this is for me.

Had a chance to see Sembi this week for a catch-up lunch, which is always lovely!  We met at The Shire Horse and she brought along another colleague of ours, which was a nice surprise. 
Simon was lucky enough this week to get an invite from "Lord" Roach, an old friend of his from childhood to the BMW Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Wentworth.  Simon is a golf-aholic so he was over the moon about this.  They left early hours of the morning to get down to Wentworth and make a day of it, taking a packed lunch and everything.  He truly enjoyed the day and promised to take a few pics for me for "my book".  The insert below is a scan of his ticket that I printed on cardstock paper.  Amazing how much it looks like the real deal.  
They followed a few groups while they were there, one was with DJ Chris Evans, another with Jodie Kidd and finally one with Ernie Els, Simon's golf hero.  He said it was truly amazing to walk around and watch Ernie play golf. 
And finally just a photo of the clubhouse along with the official signage and the starting point for the day.  Created the text on the photo in Word.  
That's the end of Week 21!


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