{ Week 19 - May 6th to May 12th }

This is Week 19 of Snap Life.
I broke out of my comfort zone (ha ha) and instead of using the usual page protectors I used one page with (4) 3x4 pockets and one page with (2) 4x6 pockets.  I'm such a rebel!
Below is the two page spread:
Left hand page:
Right hand page:
As I've actually managed to get Simon taking some pictures now "for my book" as he calls it, I wanted to reflect the vibrant colours in the picture he took throughout the rest of the layout. (He took the picture above from where he's working at the moment).  The Week 19 date card I created in Word. 
The picture below is a lovely scenery shot I took while over at Cookham with Rupert.
 Rupert completely zonked out after his walk.  As I have so much extra time on my hands lately, being a lady of leisure, I have been spending like two hours walking him so he is quite exhausted when we return. It's a wonderful feeling to have him cuddle up next to me and fall asleep, something that is typically reserved for Simon.
As we have been spending so much time on our country walks I wanted to create an insert card that reflected this.  I created this in Word with clipart.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself.
As mentioned above, the picture below is the view from where Simon is working on the two story extension.  A beautiful part of Maidenhead and wonderful view of the farmer's fields full of rapeseed. I tried to reflect these vibrant yellow and greens in the rest of the layout.
Monday here, May 6th, was a Bank Holiday in the UK.  As I hadn't seen Sembi for a while we arranged to meet up in Windsor.  That was a bit of mistake simply because everyone else and their mother had the same idea.  Windsor was absolutely heaving!  So, at the last minute, as we were driving around looking for parking we decided to drive a little further down the road to Datchet and meet up for lunch there at The Royal Stag on the green.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, sitting on the terrace, enjoying a drink or two, laughing and chatting the afternoon away.
That's it for Week 19.  Tune it next week, same time, same place, same Bat channel!

: )

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