{ Week 7 - Feb. 11th to Feb. 17th }

Hello fellow scrappers!

This week I am sharing my pages for Week 7 of my Snap Life 2013. Here's the two page spread for the week.

Here's the left page.  
I created my Main Date Card in Word. I wanted to use the pink strip down the side to tie in with the layoff notice.  Ridiculous really, as here I am being laid off and I'm concerned with whether my layout is appropriately colour coordinated.
Here's the right page 
Surprise, surprise!!  I have included an insert for this week.  This is half of a page protector that holds (4) 3 x 4 inserts.  This is a photo of the insert as it sits in the album.
Sometimes it (truly) is the little things.  I have been in the UK now 7 years and sometimes finding American products are a rarity, there are few and far between.  So I was very happy to walk into the local Tesco Express that had just recently opened to find that they carried Reese's Peanut Butter cups in their candy section.  I haven't had these in years!  So I simply could not resist. They didn't even make it from the shop back to the office, which was probably only a five minute drive or so!
 (Front side of Insert) 
On the back of the insert I used that very well known catchphrase from Poltergeist - "He's baaa-ack!".   Yes, after all this time the plumber has finally returned to complete the job he started in January.  This time he has returned to remove all the tiles from the shower so we had to live with our bathroom in this state for a few days.  (The stickers to spell out Thursday were from the Snap Studio Snap Stickers "Typeset" collection.)
 (Back side of Insert) 
My Valentine's Day card from Simon (as it sits in the album).  I wanted to keep this but didn't want to scan it in and keep a smaller copy nor take a picture of it, so what better way to include it in my album than to simply punch holes in it and add it to the appropriate week.  
 My Valentine's Day Card 
As Valentine's Day was a special occasion I did not want to include it on my main regular journal card but create a card simply for that day.  Created in Word, kept it basic and simple on white cardstock with red and pink text.  Sweet.
This photo was to capture our Valentine's Day dinner, which Simon picked up from Marks and Spencer on the way home, all of which Simon prepared. There was a plum tomato and goats cheese tartlet for the starter, then Duck a'lOrange with gratin potatoes for the main accompanied by a nice bottle of Rioja.  Dessert was a delicious chocolate sponge lava cake as well as some sweets for his sweet - a box of assorted heart shaped chocolates. I felt very spoiled. It was very romantic! x
I also received a beautiful bouquet of my favourite flowers - pink lilies and pink tea roses.
 For the Valentine's Day insert I kept it simple.  Creating a 3 x 4 card in Word with a fuchsia background and the word "together".  
That's all for this week. Onwards and upwards!

{ Week 6 - Feb. 4th to Feb.10th }


This week I'm sharing Week 6 of my Snap Life 2013.  Below is the two page spread for this week.

I wanted to try and use a bit more colour this week.  I have seen others online get quite creative with their Project Life albums so I wanted to try to be different this week and also keep changing the format and style of my pages as I go along.  As well, as this was going to be a pivotal week for us with Julie's surgery I wanted to add the colour to brighten the pages for what was an otherwise uncertain time for us all.

This is the left page: (using another one of the cardstock pages that came with the Snap Studio Binder kit).  I added some Washi tape along the left hand side and sort of started a theme, as I wanted to work with pink, yellow & blue this week.
Main Date Card: for this I used a 3 x 4 pink chevron card from the Snap Studio "Snappy Days" set.  I also wanted to add a bit more detail and texture to the card so added various different stickers. Some from the Snap Studio "Your Life in a Snap" 12 x 12 collection kit and as well from the Snap Stickers "Typeset" collection.
Something else I have seen online are scrappers doing a photo a day so I thought I would try that approach this week. As this week wasn't completely done with page protectors I felt like I had a lot more freedom with these two pages, which I enjoyed.  For Monday the photo I chose was of the t.v. remote.  Why, you might ask? Well it just shows where my head was at on Monday, as when I got to work, I reached in my handbag to get rid of my car keys and what did I find but the t.v. remote. Don't ask me how it got there, as I still don't know. Odd but very funny.  Both the yellow stickers are Snap Studio, with the ticket stub looking sticker from the Snap Stickers "Labels" collection.
On Tuesday Rupert appeared to have an O.C.D. moment, which is very unusual for him.  Maybe he was feeling some of the stress in the house as well.  They do say that dogs are quite intuitive and he is very smart, so I wouldn't put it past him. In the very bottom of our pantry I have a red & white polka dot heavy duty plastic structured bag, with three sections, that we put our recyclables for the week in, before we take them out to the bins, once it's full. I had this out as I was going to flatten all the cardboard boxes.  As we were having dinner, Rupert got into the cardboard boxes and proceeded to rip them all to shreds and then sat there amongst the carnage.  At the time I thought this would be great to capture for my Tuesday picture but as I looked at him I said "I suppose by the time I go get the camera you won't be sitting there anymore."  Surprisingly he was still sitting there when I returned and continued to sit there, of his own accord, while I took the three pictures to make the photo-strip. (The blue stickers are all Snap Studio)  
For Wednesday I included an insert (which seems to be a recurring theme with me now.)  I created this from some old Bo Bunny polka dot cardstock that I had, punched a few holes in it and added a file tab from my Echo Park Photo Freedom "Today's Story" kit.  As strange as it may seem I didn't want the photo for this day to focus solely on Julie's surgery.  Maybe this was my way of thinking about it/processing it in a positive way. The photo to capture Wednesday was off the afternoon tea Simon & I had on the high street in Ascot at one of our favourite cafes while we waited for Julie to come out of surgery.
On the back of this insert I included the picture for Thursday. I was picking up some things from the shops, getting some stuff for Julie as she was now home from the hospital, the essentials and happened to wander down the newsstand aisle. I don't know what it is about glossy magazines, maybe something from my childhood.  I wanted a little pick-me-up so I grabbed 3 or 4 of my favourites.  I find they are always a good way to lift my spirits.
For Friday I used a pic that I had downloaded of an old comic book style or 1950's "Daily News World is Ending" headline.  I had come to find out that what I had feared would "be my fate" since late December, early January was going to happen, and it was going to happen next. I was an absolute shambling wreck. Let's just say this didn't make for a good start to the weekend.
For Saturday I didn't really have a picture to include so instead used a business card for my photo for that day (as it technically was as photo of the place we visited that day).  Simon had already made plans ages ago for this Saturday to meet with (2) of his friends and didn't want to cancel as he hadn't seem them both in a very long time.  Julie said that she was totally fine, convalescing nicely at home now and was okay with him going out for a break as I was going to come to hers anyway for a visit. She suggested I make a day of it and we could go have lunch together. We had a good visit and an even better chat, then wandered up to a local Italian deli on the corner called Palmieri's for some lunch.  All in all, despite the events of the week, my visit with Julie really picked me up and it was nice to see that she was recovering quickly. A good sign!
 As you can see I still have yet to include my journaling for Saturday.  That "Queen of Unfinished Projects" is starting to show her bad side.  Not promising.
These were the other inserts I created this week.  It's a 2 x 8 section cut off one of the page protector's that I had already used.  I needed somewhere to put my journaling for this week and thought I'd try this, to keep things different.  The only issue was the open slot all down the right hand side of the now converted page protector.  As I don't have a sewing machine the only way I could think of sealing it up was with Washi tape.  So I added a tiny strip of the same pink & white polka dot tape that I used on the edge of the left page.  I don't know how long it will hold but I tried to secure it a bit more by adding a sticky file tab to the edge.  Fingers crossed.  
That's me for this week.  Thanks for looking!  Hopefully you continue along with me on my Scraptastic Voyage, and hopefully so will I ! !

{ Week 5 - Jan. 28th to Feb. 3rd }

Hello!  Well I'm back again, so doing good in keeping up.

Here's Week 5 of my Snap Life 2013.  This is the two page spread for Week 5.
The left page of Week 5 (is the back of cardstock colour coordinated page I used on Week 4)
 The right page  
 I saw "This is the GOOD LIFE" banner in a kit and decided to try my hand at recreating it for myself. It didn't turn out like I had imagined but I still think it was good enough to use. So here it is ! 
Although we had just had snow the week before last and it had only recently cleared up, this week was supposed to be followed by rain and heavy winds. However, we have lucked out and actually had a few days of full sunshine, which is so rare this time of year so I included a screenshot from my phone of the good weather.  With the dim weather we've been having and the early dark evenings, it has been so nice to see the sun.  
With Simon scratching around for work this week, as things are a bit slow during the winter months for construction work, he was delegated "The List." In reading other blogs some scrappers have scanned in items that were too big to include on their pages, so for a bit of joviality, I thought I would scan in "The List" and include in as an insert.
Back before the holiday season we had put a date in our diaries to have dinner this Saturday night with our friends Jon & Sarah.  But with our current situation, all the way round, I postponed it as I thought we might not make for good company at dinner or for on a night out.  Instead I suggested that I just meet Sarah for lunch. Considering my situation, Sarah suggested we go somewhere nice to life my spirits.  As she is an associate member of The Leander Club, she suggested we meet there.  With the beautiful surroundings, lunch overlooking the River Thames in Henley, you couldn't ask for a nicer setting.    
The Leander Club banner (I chose pink as with The Leander Club's logo being a pink hippo I thought it was appropriate.)  For those of you not familiar with the Leander Club it is a rowing club located in Henley-on-Thames.  It was founded in 1818 and the Club boasts an unsurpassed record in rowing achievements.  In fact, Leander Club Members have won more Olympic medals than any other single-sport club in the world.  Leander Club is home to heroes such as Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent as well as double gold medallists James Cracknell, Steve Williams and Pete Reed.  During the Henley Royal Regatta, the Leander Club also provides a unique opportunity for all their members and guests to experience the atmosphere and excitement of the Royal Regatta.
A statue of Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave 
 Our absolutely delicious dessert.  We decided to indulge!!  
Well, that's the end of Week 5.  Somewhat un-eventful but the weather was a lovely bonus and lunch with a dear treasured friend gave me exactly what I needed.  

{ Week 4 - Jan. 21st to Jan. 27th }

Here is Week 4 of my Snap Life 2013.

This is the two page spread for Week 4.  On the left I used a page protector that holds (4) 3 x 4 inserts.  On the right I used one of the (8) cardstock Snap pages that is colour coordinated and comes with the Snap Studio Binder kit.  This week was a bit of a tumultuous, emotional week for me for many reasons.

The left page
The right page.
Tried to be a bit more creative here and create a page from one of the hard cardstock colour coordinated pages that comes with the Snap Studio Binder kit. (My Tuesday.)  Let's just say it was not a good start to the week.  On my way home, late by the way already, I stopped at the Esso to get some petrol and pick up some milk. When I got back in the car the steering wheel wouldn't unlock no matter how many times I tried or how hard I tried.  A few gents in the garage tried to help me (with a bit of manpower) but in the end I had to call for road side assistance.  Simon even drove up to the garage to give it a try, for all he was worth, I might add, but to no avail.  So in the end I had to call a tow truck and be towed home.  Mind you, that was after waiting 3 hours in the freezing cold for them to get there. Not a pleasant evening to say the least.  I did come to find out while I was waiting there at the petrol station that there were also (3) other motorists stranded. Not the best night to be broken down and unfortunately I missed work the next day.
The main date insert. I created this from a Simple Stories chevron card, attached the flag with the weekly date on it and then used a circle punch for the number 4, which was from my Simple Stories Snap kit.
 I <3 New York.  This insert I created myself in Word.  I know a lot of other scrappers are using Project Life kits and other like items on the market, however I like to try to scrap on a budget, (somewhat), use some of my creativity to create my own inserts and as well, as scrapbooking is still not that popular in the UK (as it is in the US), obtaining supplies locally can normally be a bit thin on the ground, especially the new releases (so sometimes it is just easier to make my own.) By the time the "new releases" get to the UK, they are now old releases.  With the stress of everything going on (my boss relocating back to the US, his replacement not yet announced, the likely potential I would be made redundant and now Julie going through the uncertainty of Cancer) I had originally been planning to get away for my birthday in February and was meant to finalise the details this week.  But it seemed Alina, my friend from college in Arizona, was now having difficulties on her end finalising this trip as well for the dates we had picked in Feb., so we sadly made the decision to cancel the trip and I have to say that I was absolutely gutted. So it became The Trip that Never Was.
 My Journal Card for the Week:  Again, this is something that I created in Word.  Very basic and simple on white card stock, printed in a teal-ish blue to pick up some of the elements that I used on the pages - the Simple Stories stickers, the tab on the double 3 x 4 insert and the colour on the bike on the "Tuesday" page.   As life was stressful beyond belief, like a pressure cooker, ready to blow, Simon decided to spend a bit of time at Julie's (my "sister-in-law") for the end of the week, to give her some immediate support and as well to give us some breathing room.

 Sign's of You:  Simon's wellie boots on the front steps when I came home from work (after a very looooong week) on Friday.  It gave me a nice feeling and lifted my heart to see signs of him and know that he was still here (although he was staying at Julie's). 
My double 3 x 4 insert (front).  It's ironic really because I originally thought that I would not have enough daily/weekly events to fill a large album (like the 12 x 12) and honestly I probably still wouldn't, maybe a 10 x 10.  But I have noticed that in the four weeks since I started my album I have had an insert each week with the exception of Week 3. 

To give you a bit of background, before the New Year I had asked the landlord if we could re-paint the bathroom as it really was quite dingy and straight out of the 70's.  I didn't think she would say yes at the time and neither did Simon, as she said she had only recently had it repapered and redecorated a few years before we had moved in. (To note we had only been here 2 years, who decorates their bathroom in the year 2000+ like something from the 70's?) Anyway, I've gone a bit off point here.  When we sorted out the "raising the rent" debacle in Week 3 she mentioned that she would be happy now to have the bathroom redecorated and updated.  Funnily enough, I wasn't fussed anymore but she had already called the plumber & he had scheduled us in for this week - to replace the floor and bath tiles.  However, half way through the job, he was called away to another more urgent job.  So we had the "Before" shot with just the floor tiles removed, with the floor now left to dry, as he had discovered water damage behind the tub, to the "During" shot, which was the way the bathroom was going to remain until mid-February now when he could come back and complete the job in its entirety.  He did manage to come back at the weekend (joy) and lay the new floor tiles. So the weekend was spent with the plumber traipsing in and out of the house, at ungodly hours, banging about and creating a mind numbing ruckus with his grinder whilst cutting the tiles. 
Back of 3 x 4 insert. In looking at other scrappers Project Life webpages I had seen some very basic colourful cards, with just a single word, so I recreated one of these.  I chose the word Faithful as Rupert is attached to Simon like I have seen no other dog be attached to a person ever.  I suppose I had that with my previous Jack Russell named Flash but now Simon has it with Rupert (although truth be told, Rupert was MY birthday present 2 years ago.) Go figure, maybe it's a boy thing. 
Rupert knows well before I ever do that Simon is about to arrive home, must be a sixth sense or supersonic hearing.  In the picture of Rupert (or Boopsy as we sometimes call him, this dog has so many nicknames it's unbelievable) you can see he has his ear cocked, listening to every sound, and hoping to hear the sound of Simon's car on the drive.
This is the little tab I stuck on the insert created from Echo Park's "Today's Story" Photo Freedom kit. Trying to tie in with the blue/teal on the page.    
 Well that's the end of Week 4 for me!  I will have to "keep on keeping on" to use a catchphrase from the `70's!!