{ Week 20 - May 13th to May 19th }

This is Week 20 of Snap Life!

This week has actually been kind of a busy week.
Below is the two page spread:

Left hand page:

Right hand page:

The Week 20 date card I created in Word.  I have seen a variety of different types of date cards on Two Peas in a Bucket so decided to try my hand at something different this week.  Big fan of pink.

I also decided to get a little bit different with the journal card, rather than just putting my writing (typed or handwritten) on a plain white journal card.  So I added the title down the right hand side that reads "A little bit of the week...".

I have been needing glasses (reading) for a while now and have been putting off going to the Optometrist.  However, I thought it was about time I went so a few weeks back I popped into Boots and had an eye test.  I was given a prescription for both reading glasses and driving glasses.  I expect the reading glasses are needed from sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day. So I thought if I was going to have to wear glasses, then they could at the very least be stylish!  I picked up the completed prescription this week, will be interesting to see how I adjust.
Whenever I want to get lost in something where I don't have to think about anything, just get lost in the process I always turns to baking.  My Mom wasn't much of a baker so not sure if this was "instilled" in me when I was younger but more than likely it has to do with when I trained to be a pastry chef.  I used to love baking prior to that even, so not sure where the "passion for baking" comes from.
Anyone for a chocolate swirl cupcake?? (Only problem is, with not having an office job anymore, I don't have anywhere to take my baked goods).
For this 3x4 pic I added a tag using ledger paper from the Snap Life 6x6 Basics Paper Pad and inked the edges brown.

Thursday night I went with Julie and Sembi to Windsor for speed dating. I had encouraged Julie a while ago to get out in the dating scene and find herself a man, or more like, a husband!  I thought this might be a good place to start, even if it was just for a laugh.  I don't think there were any future brother-in-laws there but suffice it to say, fun was had by all.  (With the 40 Year Old Virgin being one of my favourite films, I will always think of that film now when I think of speed dating.)  For this insert which I created in Word I simply made a 3x4 text box, filled it with blue and wrote the text in white, then added the picture from 40 Year Old Virgin.  (I hope I am not breaking some kind of licensing law here).
I know the picture below seems like an odd thing to include in my scrapbook.  But I have to say, after 7 years in the UK, I am still amazed sometimes by the things I see about America or said by Americans here in England.  When I saw this picture of Honey Boo Boo in the paper I simply had to take a picture.  I was only familiar with her because when an American colleague had visited last year she showed me a clip on youtube.  I couldn't believe it then, that a programme like that even existed.  Now, what I can't believe even more, is that the TV producers here in the UK obtained this programme for UK viewing.  Or maybe it was what the US producers offered to the UK.  Either way America, you're not making a good impression over here.  This picture I mounted on a 3x4 blank journaling card created in Word, then added the title "Honey Boo Boo" down the left hand side and filled in the negative space top and bottom with a pre-printed chevron pattern card from the Snap Life 3x4 cards - either "Sayings" or "Days of the Week".  Not sure as I have taken them all apart from the pad they came in. Then added a vellum tag over the top of the picture.

This was not the way any of us had expected to spend Sunday morning.  Simon and I got out of bed, let Rupert out first thing as usual, only to have him return to the back door stinking to high heaven.  It was ghastly. I figured he had rolled in something but wasn't sure what until Simon came to the door and informed me that he must have found some fox pooh!  It was so gross and so smelly!!!! Straight in the kitchen sink he went. He doesn't look too pleased, does he?!  For this pic I added a typed tag using graph paper from the Snap Life 6x6 Basics Paper Pad, typing the text in red to coordinate with the picture.  The round red camera sticker is from the 12x12 Collection Kit by Snap Life.

That's it for this week.

Thanks for looking.  : )

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