Playing Catch-up

I have desperately fallen behind in keeping up with my Project Life via Snap, which can happen so easily.  You miss one week or even two and then before you know it you are a month or two behind!  Then the likelihood of catching up to the current day quickly slips from your grasp.  However I am persevering! 
I am just about done with July and trying to put the finishing touches on August.   I have most of my pics in, just need to add some insert cards and date cards for the weeks to be complete.
Although, for September I'm thinking that maybe I will go monthly rather than weekly.  I have seen other "Project Lifers" take this approach, which I think might make it less daunting to keep up.  As well, some weeks I find that I don't have enough pictures to fill up the entire week and then other weeks I have too many pictures for just the one week and don't like having to leave stuff out or make pictures smaller to fit them in.  By going monthly I think this will make the whole process a bit more manageable . Hopefully it won't have the opposite effect and make my album too overwhelming to complete by then having excessive numerous pages to do!
In the meantime I have posted a pic of the cover my second album (the pink one) as I never got around to scrapping it when I started it at the end of April. (This is a bit of a "scrap-lift" as they used to call it in the old days!) 
I have also posted a pic of the introduction page for the second album.  I wanted to try doing a full size picture and then splitting it up between the pockets.  I like the way it looks.
That's all for now.  Back to playing catch-up!