{ Week 18 - April 29th to May 5th }

This is Week 18 of Snap Life (or Project Life via Snap - as I have heard others call it).
Below is the two page spread (with an insert I created as I had quite a few pictures for this week.)  I used one page protector with (2) 3x4 slots and (1) 4x6, the left page and the right is a page protector with (4) 3x4 slots.
Two page spread without the insert:

Left hand page:

Right hand page:

This week has been a very quiet week for me, coming back off of holiday.  While I was away Simon started work on a two story extension for an old client of his in Maidenhead. I have been enjoying walks at Braywick Park and along the river in Cookham with Rupert, trying to enjoy this time off before I am back at work.  Time is precious and there is never enough of it!  Especially as you get older.
This is a picture of Rupert playing catch when I took him for his walk at Braywick Park.  He's funny because on the way out on the walk he can't be bothered to even look at a ball or a stick, but on the way back he always wants to play catch.  I don't know how he knows where we're going or which direction we're headed as we never take the same route around the park.

The picture below is a lovely shot of the River Thames in Cookham.  When the sun is shining, a rarity here in the UK, you really can't ask for a nicer place to take a walk.

On occasion I will take random pics of myself or as they are now called - "selfies".  Need to keep up with all the trendy lingo. After all these years I still don't like having my picture taken but as the "experts" say, there's those experts again, you need to be sure to include the picture taker in your scrapping as well.

I have seen a card online similar to this one below.  Again, as I like to save money where I can I create and print my own insert cards.  As well, creating the insert card helps to give me that little bit of creative design that you normally get in regular scrapbooking back rather than just putting pre-printed cards along with your pictures in the slots and off you go.  Sometimes I like to spend a bit more time in the process and get lost, if you will.

The pic below is of Braywick Park, just here between Maidenhead and Bray.  A lovely little respite here in the middle of the city.  This is one of the trails that we take often.

Rupert and I were sitting in the garden, enjoying the sun.  I was playing around with the camera on my phone and Rupert came over to investigate, looking right into the lens. I thought a picture from this angle would be cute as the perspective sort of looks like if he took it as a "selfie".

Below is an insert I created for the extra pictures I had.  Rupert is not typically drawn to mud however on this day he seemed to be on the lookout for it, so I wanted to create a page that reflected that.  I was surprised that he even managed to find any mud on this day as it was particularly warm and the ground was virtually bone dry. However, he did manage to find a small mud puddle and then proceeded to jump in it till his paws were good and covered. Cheeky!

Well that's it for this week!

Thanks for looking!
Onwards and upwards.

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