March SimpleStories Sn@p - part 2

This is my March Simple Stories part 2 post. 
(Picture above) One afternoon after walking Rupert and having just made the bed with clean new crisp sheets I found him curled up near the head of the bed, just tucked up by the pillows, sleeping with his ball. It was absolutely adorable! The stickers spelling out "adorable" are super old and have been in my stash since early day one so not sure what the brand is.
(For the page above) I was so disappointed one day when I got in my car and reached for my favourite American Anthem CD in my glove box and found that the top half had been broken off!!  I had no idea how this happened.  The last time I had put it in the glove box it was fine. I was absolutely gutted when I discovered this as it is my "go to" CD - guaranteed to pick me up no matter what! With good old rock classics from Journey, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Love is a Battlefield" to name a few.
Major bummer!
I love the picture in this layout of Rupert. He was sitting in bed with me one night, right at the top of the bed, all cuddled up on the pillows, actually perched up on top of them.  Simon wasn't there but I mentioned his name to Rupert and he sat straight up against the wall, like he was expecting him to walk through the bedroom door right at that very moment. Luckily I was quick enough with phone to capture it. I used the insert card by Simple Stories from the Dog pack as the cartoon dog almost mirrored what Rupert was doing and I thought it so cute.
SUPPLIES | Cut the middle journaling bit out of a Project Life Blush card and glued it onto an Echo Park card from the original Photo Freedom kit. The "good stuff" arrow sticker is Simple Stories.  The stickers spelling out "this SUCKS" are called Sweet Shoppe letter stickers by Lilybee Design.   
SUPPLIES | I am so bad with keeping track of what Project Life cards I use. This I believe is from the Blush line.  I punched holes in it to use as a journaling insert and then stuck pink & white chevron paper on the back, which you can just see on the left hand side in the picture below.  I suppose I could have loaded up the pics below with embellishments and stickers but sometimes I think that the pictures look good all on their own and don't want to ruin their pretty simplicity by putting anything further on them.
Now I can't deny that Simon is a lover of donuts, me not so much, but nevertheless we are not ones to frequent Krispy Kreme very often.  However, on this particular occasion, as we were leaving The Mission (mentioned in my previous post here) we passed by Krispy Kreme and Simon looked in the window and said "shall we go in and have a look?"  And I know what that means, like every time he just 'looks' at the dessert menu and always ends up having dessert.  So having a look really means more than that!  Let's just say this turned out to be a high calorie evening!
 Simon loves all the flavours of donuts but for me, what actually draws me in is all the different styles and the shiny colours of glaze on the donuts, all the bright colours, like in these pictures!

As the commute to Denham is quite long (or at least for me), about 45 minutes each way I have become bored with listening to the various different radio programmes in the morning.  As it is all the same nonsense and the same group of songs played over and over again relentlessly, I'm starting to find it mind-numbing. I thought it might be interesting to listen to some audio books or books on CD, so I have started with one of my favourite authors Patricia Cornwell and her Kay Scarpetta series.  I did read her books religiously for quite some time and then it felt like she went way off the beaten path with the storylines and the characters seemed to deviate from their original character too much, so I stopped reading them.  This is my first story back in the Scarpetta line and I really enjoyed it.  I do have to say though, it was a bit odd for me and almost difficult to get into it. Having been an avid reader since I could pick up a book, what I like most about reading a book is the fact that you can get lost in a book, in the story, not only lose yourself from the real world but also immerse yourself into the fictional world, get lost in the world that is being created around you, so at first I found it hard to absorb. Have to say I found myself pushing rewind more than a few times, till I got used to the rhythm of really listening, hearing what was being said and retaining it.
SUPPLIES | For this, the "Travel Time" card that was in the Studio Calico Sugar Rush kit was perfect. I cut the white frame off the card and mounted it on a bit of black chevron paper by Amy Tangerine.  The red stickers and the label on the top insert are by Simple Stories. The yellow enamel dot is by Freckled Fawn and from the Studio Calico Sugar Rush kit and the orange dot is a brad by Papermania.

Well, that's it for this post, a short one.
As always, thanks for stopping by to have a look, letting me share my post with you. Hope you enjoyed it and any comments you would like to leave would be welcome!
Christine x

March Simple Stories Sn@p - Part 1

I'm getting caught up on my March Simple Stories Life Documented. I am continuing this month with my monthly dividers.  This one is a bit wider than the one for February and the tab on top is offset from February so you can see both tabs for each month at the same time. I created this one using just regular Bazzill cardstock, created the template in Word, ran the cardstock through my printer to print the word "March" on it and then covered the back with green houndstooth paper from an old no name kit I picked up at TKMaxx.  I have to say at the time I didn't really like that paper then but I now wish I had more of it as I love it!

(Left hand page)
SUPPLIES | Background paper is the placemat paper that I scanned into my computer and then printed out onto white Bazzill cardstock. All the red stickers are by Simple Stories and the white chipboard stickers are American Crafts Thickers called Kitten.
This post is dedicated to my craving for The Mission Burrito in Reading.  Sometimes I am all right when I get a mad craving for American food and typically it usually passes as does my melancholy for America, but sometimes it just takes over and no matter what I do, I just gotta have it! This time I knew that homemade enchiladas or beef nachos just wasn't gonna cut it.  It was actually Simon that found this place, The Mission, originally, which is located in the Oracle in Reading.  I LOVE this place as the food is like it is in San Francisco in The Mission area of the city, or at least as close as you could get in the UK.  One Friday night, the craving for Mexican American food came on and I hoped it would pass as there is not much around here in the way of good Mexican food.  There used to be a great place in Marlow called Pachanga's, that was pretty authentic but it went out of business a few years back.  So disappointing! 
(Close up of detail in upper right corner)
(Close up of detail in lower left corner - Amy Tangerine Remarks puffy sticker)

 As we sat eating our ginormous burritos (actually they're not that big really, compared to America, I just took a close up of the burrito so it looks a lot bigger than it really is) I noticed a littel postcard caddy on the counter that had feedback cards in them.  I pulled one out and this is what I found on the other side.  What a great card and my first thought was "I'll take a few of these for my book. I can use these".  And use it I did!  I love it! Above is the front of the card and posted below is the back of the card, which I altered.  I simply took a large PL Sunshine card, trimmed the edges of it and stuck it to the back of the feedback postcard.  I will use it for my journalling!

(Right hand page)
Can't have Mexican food or a burrito without an accompanying ice cold Corona!! Lovely. And the meal wouldn't be complete without Cholula hot sauce either.  I was so pleased the first time I found Cholula in the UK!  It's EVERYWHERE back in L.A.!  They do say that its the little things in life that make all the difference!
In this last picture I added some digital red love hearts to the picture of Cholula and Corona!  Fun!
Thanks for stopping by to have a look and if you ever get the craving for good Mexican food, I recommend you try The Mission Burrito in Reading!
Christine  : )