Adding Some Finishing Touches

Hi!  My name is Christine and I'm a scrapaholic!
I think that like most scrappers not only do we have a tendency to hoard (obsess over) things but we also find ourselves feeling the heavy burden of guilt when we fall behind or if you will, don't keep up with projects.  Guilt, obsession, sounds like an addiction, doesn't it?
I'll admit I'm just as guilty as the next scrapper that I, let's say "occasionally" don't always manage to finish the things I start.  Great, let's add another positive attribute to the pot - procrastination, oh and easily distracted or should that be short attention span? I can't make up my mind as I'm having trouble focusing here! 
(Created a title page for my 2nd album of 2013)
So we're looking real good here now - obsessive, guiltmonger, procrastinator and extreme lack of attention!  Well, don't they say artists are tortured souls.  Now I'm not so bold to claim that I'm an artist or anything like that, but as my mind tends to wander....
(This one just needed the lettering for the title)
Anyhoo, I spent some time this morning catching up or adding a few finishing touches to some of my past Life Documented PL albums for 2013 and 2014.  Just going back through the albums and finishing some of what was missing.  I have to admit it felt good to complete some of these, get a bit of closure.  Isn't that a step in those addicts anonymous programmes?  I'm just saying!  ; )

(This one had the 4x4 pics on the left but just needed an insert on the right)
 (This one only had the picture and the pink washi tape.  So added a few more details and then added my journaling)
(Created a title page for the 2nd album of 2014.  Have to say that I don't really use the wood veneer embellishments for much as I find they just don't seem to go with anything, however they seemed to work for this title page. Probably because the background was wood themed. Weird I know!)
And as you can see I am still procrastinating as I have yet to add the labels to the actual spine of each album.  Oh well, something to work towards.
Wondering how all you deal with not finishing projects or procrastination, or is this a word that does not fit into your vocabulary?  Are you burdened with guilt when you don't?  Or is that also another word that doesn't fit into your vocabulary?
Feel free to leave any comments.  Would love to know where you are in your process.
Thanks for dropping by!
Christine  x

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