{ Week 26 - June 24th to June 30th }


This week has been a bit busy for me with a few interviews and luckily enough the good weather is staying with us, so still enjoying the sunshine.

Below is the two page spread for this week:
Left hand page:
Right hand page:
Week 26 Date Card.  I have kept with the format of the large number to represent which week it is.  I am liking this at the moment and it seems a quick & easy to do them.  As well you can create variation simply by changing the font or the colours.
I had a phone interview this week, which I hate, with a local Pharma company in Marlow.  Interviews are nerve wracking enough as is but I really don't like phone interviews as the only thing they can focus on is your voice and what you are saying (instead of being in a room with each other) and it just in turn makes me all the more self conscious.
Journal card for this week.  Again, trying to keep the "title" different so went with the journalism (5) W's - Who, What, When, Where and Why. I also had an interview this week with a local film school, which I was really excited about! I was really hoping that this would be the job for me, there is nothing like working in a creative environment.  I went to the interview with my fingers and toes crossed but unfortunately, although they were interested in me I wouldn't have been able to take the position as it would have been with a major life changing salary cut. Always the way, isn't it?  Extremely disappointed.
I also signed up with another agency this week (Grace Personnel), an agency from years back and one that I didn't think was still around anymore.  Was pleased to find them again as they are brilliant there!
Of course Rupert and I were out enjoying the sunshine, taking our afternoon walks in Cookham, along the river, with loads of playtime in the water for Rupert.
I thought the cover of Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 would be apt this week as quite recently the feedback I have been getting from interviews is that I am too senior for most of the role's that I have been applying for.  And the irony is that before I had my last two jobs, both with the same company and both somewhat senior roles I was always told for every job that I went for that I was too junior for the jobs I was applying for.  You can never win!
I love Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory, he's such a schmutz.  I've never known anyone to have such cheesy pick-up lines and so many of them.  Actually, I take that back, I do remember a number of guys from my youth that could have been serious contenders for the real life role of Howard Wolowitz.  This week whilst doing a bit of shopping in WH Smiths, looking for printer cartridges and mumbling to myself like a mad person, a distinguished gentleman in the same aisle started talking to me.  At first I thought he was just making polite chit-chat and then I realised I was being chatted up.  Commenting on my American accent, asking me about my life in America and then regaling me with stories of his travels through America.  It was only at the end of our conversation when the shop assistant, who was standing close by, said he could ring me up now that I realised I was being chatted up as the gentleman sort of made a dejected "ohh" sound.  Always nice to be chatted up! (even if it had been Wolowitz style)
 Rupert completely and totally sacked out after his walk.  That's the kind of tired I like to see.

That's it for this week!
Thanks for looking!

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