{ Week 25 - June 17th to June 23rd }

Here is Week 25.

Below is the two page spread: (This week I have continued to use my standard page protector layouts - one with (2) 3x4 slots and (1) 4x6 and the other page with (4) 3x4 slots.
 Left hand page:
Right hand page:
As I have been liking the large number cards in relation to what week it is, I thought I would continue to go with this theme.  I created this card in Word and then used a text box to put the dates inside the number two.
Rather then keep the weekly journal cards the same "This week..." I have been trying to change them up just a little bit.  This 3x4 journal card was created in Word and then I added a text box top and bottom with the title "Weekly Highlights".   Again, not a super busy week for me as I'm leading the life of leisure, if only!  Although in saying that I did start a temporary job this week and ashamedly I must admit, I only worked the one day.  I know, makes me sound like a complete and total flake, but I promise you I am not.  In the interview, they grossly misrepresented this job in its entirety, presenting it as quite a senior role.  Turned out this was not the case and with the way that I was treated on the first day, I thought, there is no way I can do this, especially when I don't necessarily have to at this point.  We can manage for a while if I tighten the purse strings.
For a while it was a regular thing that Sunday mornings were "American breakfast" mornings.  I would get out the recipe book and whip up a batch of pancakes along with some sausage or bacon, and maybe some hash brown potatoes as well.  As we haven't done this for a while, I thought it would be nice to go back to an old tradition.  I added the text on this 4x6 photo in Word.
I know Simon doesn't always like me taking pictures of him, especially when he is sleeping.  Yes, this is something I am guilty of.  But this time I just couldn't resist as it was too cute, the two of them laying next to one another completely oblivious to the world around.  I usually try to turn the flash off and the sound on my phone, otherwise I get him waking up complaining about me taking pictures of him unaware.  In all fairness, I suppose I probably wouldn't like it either.  But you have to admit, this is an adorable picture.
I created the following 3x4 insert in Word along with downloading a Pinterest logo off the internet.  In looking around on the internet this week (and yes, if you're wondering I do spend an exorbitant amount of time on Pinterest) I accidentally stumbled across the job board at Pinterest while actually looking for a topic on the Help board.  I was surprised to see that there was a job listed for UK Community Manager.  I thought, what do I have to lose if I don't apply.  Yes, it would be a dream job and my life would be complete but I know that it is highly unlikely that I will get it as I don't believe I have the "online presence" they are looking for.  However, in all fairness, with all the time that I spend on Pinterest, I SHOULD have a job there.  Now I know everyone makes that claim, spending too much time on Pinterest, but I am not kidding.  I literally eat, breathe and sleep Pinterest.  I suppose that's kind of bad really and also kinda sad.
I created the insert card below in Word.  I wanted something that would represent the way I felt about the picture next to it in the layout (of Simon and Rupert) in a simple way without words and I felt this did it!
The pic below is 3x4 and taken on a Friday evening walk in Cookham.  As Simon has only been working about 10 minutes from there I have been, on occasion, driving over to meet him just as he finishes work and then we all go for an evening walk in Cookham.  It really is a nice way to end the week.  Plus Rupert loves it so much more when Simon is there.  They truly are a boy and his dog!  I added the white text in Word.
That's it for this week.


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