{ Week 27 - July 1st to July 7th }


This here is Week 27.
Below is the two page spread:
Left hand page:
 Right hand page:
Week 27 Date Card:
Still keeping with the theme of using the big numbers for what week it is.  Although I decided to try something a little different here, which involved a lot of layering and multiple text boxes in Word.  As Wimbledon was on the telly here and we were obviously watching it, plus with it being such a big part of the British culture I wanted to reflect it here in my layout this week.  Hence the reason I chose green for this weeks date card.
I wanted to create an individualised insert card for Wimbledon.  I wanted to use the insignia that is at Wimbledon so created a green journal card in Word to go with this pic and then used clipart for the tennis racket and ball.  I think it all came together quite nicely.   I have to say I do feel for the players this week as the UK is in the grips of a heatwave, good and proper. Very hot and humid.  Must be unbearable running around those courts in this heat.

This 3x4 pic is of the heritage chimney that Simon is currently working on.  He doesn't always get to work on projects like this so he is really enjoying the detailed and intricate work, which he excels at.   I wouldn't hesitate to let him build our house, if and when we were ever able to do so!
Again, with all the free time on my hands and as well with time getting on and my thoughts going to places I don't like, I decided to do a little baking and "get lost".  These were carrot cake muffins I made with cream cheese frosting.  They were very delicious but so that I didn't eat a dozen cupcakes or so I sent them to the jobsite with Simon.  At least they can work it off there.  Plus I'm sure John & Biddy will appreciate a nice little home baked treat.
Although I have been in the UK for quite some time now and probably haven't properly celebrated the 4th of July for more than 4 or 5 years, for some reason this year I was really missing it and all the American traditions & fixins that come with it.  I wanted to represent this in my layout this week.  I had looked online for some free 4th of July insert cards but most of the ones I found were for free printables, either to frame or to use for a party, so I decided to create my own.  This took a bit of time and was somewhat involved, having to use a separate text box for each word, plus each circle and the sunburst, plus the firecrackers, but I enjoyed it and think I represented the 4th nicely.
I just had to include this picture, not necessarily just because he won but more so because Simon and I have always said we didn't think Andy Murray had it in him to ever win Wimbledon.  We've watched for a few years now and every time he seemed to fall short, just barely get there and then fall short in the last hurdle.  Well this year was different.  We couldn't believe he was in the men's finals so we found ourselves sitting in front of the tv on Sunday watching an intense match between Murray and Novak.  It was quite gruelling and suspenseful.  We simply couldn't believe it when Murray won the final shot.  It was an unbelievable match!  Although, as Simon says "sometimes its not about who won, but about who actually lost".  (He watches a lot of golf and he says that some of the players that have won Opens and Masters probably wouldn't have done so if Tiger had been there and on his game.  I suppose he makes a fair point.)  Nonetheless, congratulations Andy Murray! Well deserved!
That's me done for this week.

A simple one.

Bye now!

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