{ Week 23 - June 3rd to June 9th }

Hello All!
This is Week 23.
Below is the two page spread:  (I used my usual 3x4 page with 4 slots and a page with (2) 3x4 slots and (1) 4x6 slot)
Left hand page:
Right hand page:
Week 23 Date Card.  As I had limited space, having already used all of my other slots for my pictures I included my journaling on the actual date card this week. I didn't want to create an additional insert simply for journaling.  This was a fun card to create and I played around a bit with the week number and the date.  I wanted to give it sort of that old time feel with the font for the numbering and the two tone blue.  This has been a quiet week for me.  Have been enjoying the nice weather, which I know I have been saying is a rarity but doesn't look that way based on all the sunshine we have been getting.  Trust me though, sometimes summers here can be a complete washout, literally.
As I mentioned that we have been getting good weather and so warm, I thought it only fitting to include a screenshot of the local weather. Rare to see a week where all the weather icons are a sun symbol!
Starting to see that a lot of my pictures are pictures of Cookham.  As funny as it sounds I almost didn't realise how much time we spend there.  As well, I hadn't really noticed until I've been looking back at some of my layouts how green the UK is much more so than when I was living in LA.  You just don't realise it until you see it in pictures.
This 3x4 insert is a picture of a virtual book I am reading online, published by an old childhood friend, who actually was more like a big sister than just a friend.  We have recently got back in touch after too many years with no contact simply due to losing touch after many moves and life changes. At the time I was surprised to find out that she was publishing a book!!!  So of course I was going to purchase it and become a big fan!! Make sure to pick up a copy for yourself.  I created the tag using ledger paper from the Snap Life 6x6 Basics Paper Pad.
This picture is simply of a fruity cocktail I was enjoying one afternoon while sitting in the garden, soaking up the sun, reading my book and playing with Rupert.  Starting to see that my pages are quite simple, maybe I need to get a little more creative.  I added the title using hot pink alpha stickers, not sure on the brand.
A picture, of course, of Rupert.  Starting to see that he features in most of my layouts.  I suppose if I had children, that would be the same, so hopefully I don't sound like a crazy dog lady! I quickly snapped this picture when he returned his ball to me for it to be thrown.  He is OBSESSED with this ball and I don't know why.  He has many toys and as well many other balls, but for some reason, this is the one he plays with.  This is actually a replacement ball.  The first one like this we brought back from a trip we went on last year to San Francisco.  He ultimately lost the ball as sometimes he wanders out the back gate onto the lane, puts the ball down while he is exploring something and then forgets where it is.  So this one I brought back from my trip to Minneapolis, where I just happened to find it in a pet store there. The tag on this picture was created using ledger paper from the Snap Life 6x6 Basics Paper Pad. 

And finally, as I have been enjoying many a lovely afternoon in the garden this week, I thought it only apt that I take a picture to represent that. I added the text in Word.
That's it for this week.

Thanks for looking!
Bye now!

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