{ Week 22 - May 27th to June 2nd }

This is Week 22.

Here's the two page spread:

Left hand page:

Right hand page:

Week 22 Date Card:
One morning I looked out the kitchen window to find this. I found it quite comical, it was like the kitchen table scene from Poltergeist.  I guess the gardener has a sense of humour. 
My weekly journal card. The title for this weeks journal card is "and then this happened...."

Another insert card that I have seen everywhere online that I really like.  As well as I am in the UK and this phrase was coined by a Brit I thought it was appropriate to use.

A photo of Simon's Mini as it was taken away by the car carrier to the local garage.   On Thursday Simon came home to pick me up and run me down to the garage.  As he was waiting  for me to come out of the house, the Mini started to smoke and eventually caught fire.  Quite alarming!  I ran out of the house just in time with a fire extinguisher in hand to help put out the flames.  When he pulled up I thought this might happen as there was smoke coming from the tailpipe so I had dug out the fire extinguisher from beside the wardrobe just in case. Lucky too!  Thankfully once the garage looked at it there wasn't any extensive damage. 
The insert card that I created to represent the Mini catching fire. 
On Wednesday I had lunch with my friend Sarah.  We met in Twyford, the village where she lives which is only about 15 minutes from our village Holyport.  We decided to have an economical lunch and met at Sebastians, a little café on the Twyford High Street.  It really was nice to see her as it has been a while since our last visit.  She is so genuine, thoughtful and introspective that she is always able to give me another perspective on whatever I may be dealing with or dwelling on at the moment.  Plus she is such a lady that she his just a joy to be around.  I do so enjoy our visits. (For the 4x6 picture below I just added a text tag down the left hand side of the pic with text that is similar to the Sebastian signage).

Well, that's my week!
Thanks for looking.

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