{ Week 9 - Feb. 25th to March 3rd }

This is Week 9 of my Project Life.

I injured myself this week like a careless idiot. Below is the two page spread.

 Here's the left page

Here's the right page
Main Date Card - I didn't realise until I was posting this that I didn't actually put this week's dates on the card. (Maybe I will have to go back and fix that)

Like I said this week I hurt myself like an idiot and this was the result.  As I was getting out of the shower I knocked a glass bottle onto the bathroom floor (as bathroom was still in disarray from the plumber's visit, not all had been righted yet).  So as I was literally stepping out of the shower I stopped mid-step, knowing how accident prone I can be and didn't move an inch for fear I would step onto a piece of glass.  Just stood there one foot in the bath, the other foot out of the bath waiting for the pieces to fall where they may.  Well, as luck would have it, since I did stand completely still to avoid injury, naturally a large chunk of glass hit the floor, ricocheted up and skimmed across the top of my big toe, cutting it open. Sod's law. The pic below is the result.   As it cut me right where the toe meets the foot and bends I could not get a shoe on (any of them, I tried!) nor walk unhindered.  Therefore I spent the next couple days working from home, that is after I visited the chemist.
I always love getting my nose in a good book or two, sometimes I can have more than one on the go.  I recently borrowed a book from my friend Chris, which came highly recommended.  I had heard about this book and was curious to read it.  She said it was a very heart felt and compelling story, which it was, so far!
Insert card created in Word. 
My Journal Card for the week.   
Insert card created for our Saturday night dinner with John and Sarah.  As we chose Bella Italia I wanted the card to reflect the colours of the restaurant and the font used on the menu.  I think this came out nicely in comparison. (Trying to make my layouts a bit more colourful and interesting.)
I have to say, even after living in the UK now for nearly 8 years there are still times that I miss being able to go out to a restaurant, open a menu, see something stereotypically American and order it.  So in those instances, depending on where we are, I can get creative and cobble something together that is a little familiar.  The waffle was actually on the dessert menu and served with ice cream, so asked for that to be left off.  Also asked if they could please heat the waffle and then bring it with a side order of sausage (nothing like Brown & Serve or Farmer Johns) and then added the country fries from another entrée, giving me the final result below.  Wasn't exactly an American breakfast but near on.  Just happy they allowed me to substitute, as some places here really don't like to do it.  Made me happy!
The yellow label sticker is from the Simple Stories "Labels" collection and the "happy" sticker is from the Simple Stories "Typeset" Snap Stickers.
Thanks for looking!

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