{ Week 8 - Feb. 18th to Feb. 24th }

This week I am sharing Week 8 of Snap Life 2013.  Here's the two page spread for the week.

Here's the left page:
Here's the right page: I've seen other scrappers online split a photo over two inserts so I wanted to try that here with the clock photo at All Bar One in Windsor.
Main Date Card: Created this in Word.  I have seen other date cards with the Week # down the side so tried that this week with Week 8.  I like how it turned out.  Used stickers from my Echo Park kit to list the dates for this week.  
The new Love of my Life!!  My New Monk Bench!  If you remember back to Week 3 (mid January) I had ordered a Monk Bench well before Christmas and was still waiting to receive it then.  As I cancelled that order I had searched around and eventually found a lovely place down in Kent that assured me, with no doubt, ifs ands or buts that they could deliver the Monk Bench within 3 weeks.  I spoke with a very nice gentleman, who I do believe was the owner of the company,  so I placed the order right then and there! (I've included the link in case you are ever in the market to purchase a Monk Bench-http://www.beach.uk.com/). It's beautiful and I love it.  No more "hole" in the front hall way and also a convenient place to sit while putting on or taking off our wellies!
This 3 x 4 insert that I created in Word for "the week I had been dreading".  Back before the New Year I had really (okay, maybe an exaggeration to say really), I had somewhat been looking forward to turning 45 and was going to make it a memorable monumental birthday.  We had originally talked about going to Venice, or the suggestion I liked, going on the Orient Express, so that's what I had been looking into last year.  But this was obviously no longer an option with my current work situation.  Although it was a milestone birthday I just couldn't rationalise spending that kind of money when I wasn't working. So hence the title for this insert I created.  
Birthday "date" card  (February 21st) and the dreaded age.  Again, another simple insert created in Word with text boxes and printed on Bazzill white cardstock.
 My birthday card from Simon as it looks in the album. I like the idea now of including things like cards and other items in the album this way.  It gives it another dimension, having something tactile in it, rather than in the plastic sleeves.
I included a couple of my favourite cards in the album.  I would love a tea cup pig but don't think that's a birthday wish that will ever be granted.  
All Bar One - a local bar located in Windsor.  Julie was scheduled to get her results today, midday, so both Simon and I went with her to The Parapet to provide moral support. 
Afterwards we decided to go to Windsor to celebrate my birthday and have some afternoon cocktails at All Bar One. 

I ordered the Porn Star Martini - nice name!   Basically anything fruity and pink has my name written all over it.

Thursday "journal" card (created in Word)

That's all for this week.

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