{ Week 10 - March 4th to March 10th }

Week 10 of Snap Life!  March 4th to March 10th.

Here's the two page spread for the week:

Left hand page:

Right hand page:

Main Date Card: I realise this doesn't have the weeks dates on it, I did add them with the Simple Stories "Typeset" stickers but it seemed to make it look off balance so I took them off. All the stickers are Simple Stories except for the number 10.  This is something I have had in my stash for a long time so not sure the brand.

My journal card for the week. Again, tried to change the title of this weeks journal card.  Added some of the text in brown as it seemed to be a common colour in some of the pictures.
A new toy for Boopsy!  He is more spoiled than a child sometimes and probably hardly ever called by his proper name sometimes.  We named him Rupert when he was a pup but then so many variations on this name have developed over time.  One day Simon was really frustrated with him as he was barking excessively and he tried to say "stop it Rupert" but was so frustrated and his words just simply came out as "Roppert!".  From that we have come up with Boopsy (a woman I used to live next door to actually named her poodle Poopsy, so Boopsy is a variation of that) and as well he has somehow also become Boopert, a cross between Boopsy and Rupert.  And then when he's really in trouble he becomes Rupert Xavier Sarsaparilla (most will probably not remember the reference here but there was a song from School House Rock with a character named Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla for Grammar Rock Pronouns).
I created this insert in Word to represent the Values seminar I took this week.  It really hit home for me with all that is going on at the moment.  I found her process very interesting.  The trainer asked us to look at our values as a way of figuring out who we are and what we like.  Not just simply picking something like honesty or faith, not that these aren't good values but more so looking at things we like to do, breaking it down, for example, enjoying scrapbooking and photography to realise that creativity is something that is a core value for you.  I'm probably not doing it justice here.  She also gave the example of if you had to leave your house to say travel on the road for a year, what would the five things be that you could take with it as this will give you better insight as to who you are. A very good course I think.
I love the clothing brand Jigsaw but have to say that it is not really something that is within my budget range.  However they were having an annual sale and as I am a big fan of hats, with bowlers being popular lately and having always wanted one I decided to bowl the rust coloured one they had on sale.  Was so excited when it arrived, like a kid on Christmas day.  I absolutely love it.  
By referral from my acupuncturist Gill I had been put in touch with a girl named Sarah who runs her own VA company.  As I was hoping to see if I could make a go of this whole "being a VA" I was pleased that she was offering some work.  She was going to be unavailable for a day or two and had a client that needed some work done.

We were out and about with Julie on Sunday to get her out of the house.  We all wanted a bite to eat but didn't want to break the bank so popped into the café at Squire's Garden Centre and then had a wander round the garden centre.

That's it for this week.  Nothing too exciting!

Thanks for looking.



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