{ Week 7 - Feb. 11th to Feb. 17th }

Hello fellow scrappers!

This week I am sharing my pages for Week 7 of my Snap Life 2013. Here's the two page spread for the week.

Here's the left page.  
I created my Main Date Card in Word. I wanted to use the pink strip down the side to tie in with the layoff notice.  Ridiculous really, as here I am being laid off and I'm concerned with whether my layout is appropriately colour coordinated.
Here's the right page 
Surprise, surprise!!  I have included an insert for this week.  This is half of a page protector that holds (4) 3 x 4 inserts.  This is a photo of the insert as it sits in the album.
Sometimes it (truly) is the little things.  I have been in the UK now 7 years and sometimes finding American products are a rarity, there are few and far between.  So I was very happy to walk into the local Tesco Express that had just recently opened to find that they carried Reese's Peanut Butter cups in their candy section.  I haven't had these in years!  So I simply could not resist. They didn't even make it from the shop back to the office, which was probably only a five minute drive or so!
 (Front side of Insert) 
On the back of the insert I used that very well known catchphrase from Poltergeist - "He's baaa-ack!".   Yes, after all this time the plumber has finally returned to complete the job he started in January.  This time he has returned to remove all the tiles from the shower so we had to live with our bathroom in this state for a few days.  (The stickers to spell out Thursday were from the Snap Studio Snap Stickers "Typeset" collection.)
 (Back side of Insert) 
My Valentine's Day card from Simon (as it sits in the album).  I wanted to keep this but didn't want to scan it in and keep a smaller copy nor take a picture of it, so what better way to include it in my album than to simply punch holes in it and add it to the appropriate week.  
 My Valentine's Day Card 
As Valentine's Day was a special occasion I did not want to include it on my main regular journal card but create a card simply for that day.  Created in Word, kept it basic and simple on white cardstock with red and pink text.  Sweet.
This photo was to capture our Valentine's Day dinner, which Simon picked up from Marks and Spencer on the way home, all of which Simon prepared. There was a plum tomato and goats cheese tartlet for the starter, then Duck a'lOrange with gratin potatoes for the main accompanied by a nice bottle of Rioja.  Dessert was a delicious chocolate sponge lava cake as well as some sweets for his sweet - a box of assorted heart shaped chocolates. I felt very spoiled. It was very romantic! x
I also received a beautiful bouquet of my favourite flowers - pink lilies and pink tea roses.
 For the Valentine's Day insert I kept it simple.  Creating a 3 x 4 card in Word with a fuchsia background and the word "together".  
That's all for this week. Onwards and upwards!

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