Sn@p Life - Week 1, 2013

(I've decided I'm going to go with Snap Life, as in [to] snap/capture life)

In looking at some of the other blog's for Project Life I know there has been some debate about how to "schedule" your week (is schedule the right word?). How to lay out or follow your week.

I know some follow the week as the calendar lies, so if the day of the week that was the 1st day of the month was a Tuesday, then their week for Project Life would start there.  I know some like to organise their weeks starting on a weekend or round the other way, but I thought I would just go with what I thought was the simplest. 

Which was to start on the first Monday (technically) of the year.  So I started on Monday, December 31st (2012).  Yes I know, not exactly the first day of the year but I thought, with my quirky sense of humour, that it would sort of be funny to start it then and make it look like I had already been keeping track of my life this way.  I just sort of envisioned it in my head this way, so that's how it came out on paper.  Call me crazy.  (Maybe it was also the part in me that thought if I could convince others I had been doing this last year, than maybe I would have a reason to carry on with it........ no, not really, but worth a shot).

So what did Week 1 in my Snap Life (a.k.a. Project Life) consist of.  Well I actually used (4) page protectors on this first week - one 6x8 page, one page with (2) 3x4 pockets and (1) 4x6 (this page was in the middle of the layout so used both the front and back) and finally one page with (2) 4x4 pockets and (1) 2x8, as well as some inserts (memorabilia) that I included.

New Year's Eve of course.

My introduction to Snap Life and my name tag! (I was not looking forward to returning to work in the New Year)


A farewell lunch for a treasured colleague at The Peking Inn in Cookham.  The best Chinese food and level of service for miles around! They are brilliant there. Laura, the colleague, was in a training programme and had been assigned to our "London" office for 6 months, since July.  She was now leaving to return to the corporate office in the US.

Last evening with Laura before her return to the US.  We had struck up quite a strong friendship in the short time that she was here and I was not looking forward to her return to the US. I would miss my new found friend.  She spent her last evening with us.

Sunday was spent sourcing a hotel in Windsor for an upcoming meeting that was taking place in about two weeks time at work.  I had about (20) people arriving for a training meeting from various different countries as well as the US and had nowhere to put them.  One of our event companies had suggested they could get a good price at Sir Christopher Wren's Hotel and Spa in Windsor so we went to check it out.  We (Simon and I) had a bit of afternoon tea and then the manager gave us a tour.  The hotel turned out to be absolutely wonderful and fits the ticket to a T! That's that booked!


Hello Life page with journal card

I found the process quite fun and easy to throw together.  There didn't need to be a great deal of planning, some in regards to obviously what I was going to include but not necessarily every detail as to how it was going to go down on the page, like with normal scrapbooking.  And the sheer beauty of it was, that if I didn't like it, I could simply take out the 3 x 4 card (or the likes thereof) and simply replace it without having to worry about ruining or throwing off the whole layout.

So far, so good!

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