{ Week 2 - Jan. 7th to Jan. 13th }

Hello !
Well here I am again, so this must be a good sign.  
Here's the two page spread for Week 2.
Week 2 - Both Pages
The left hand page and the title banner for Week 2.  I chose the yellow colour as I wanted to tie into the yellow in the "This is Life" insert card opposite as well as some of the colour in the rest of the week.  (The title was created in Word. )

Laura (the treasured colleague that we had the leaving lunch for back in Week 1) and I weren't ones to text much when she was here in the UK but we really want to make a point of keeping in touch now that she has returned to the US.  We probably both aren't the best at keeping in touch electronically so have vowed to truly make an effort.  As we were doing good so far (I know, only week two) I wanted to reflect that in this weeks layout.

A resolutions journal card.  Everyone always seems to ask about resolutions at this time of year and I have never been one to be a "resolution" person, so this is just my ramblings on my thoughts behind resolutions.

This is a Simple Stories 4x6 card that I have used as an insert for this week to add something extra.

Simon asked in passing if he could do anything for me this week to cheer me up as he knew I was down in the mouth about missing Laura and I simply replied "do something nice" so I was pleasantly surprised to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Very sweet. x 


Simon has been teaching general construction and brickwork at Thames Valley University since last fall.  He does enjoy the job but unfortunately it wasn't working out for him as he had hoped so we had a few discussions and he made the difficult decision to leave the role.  

Journal card for the Week (created in Word) Just your basic black text on a white background, nothing special.

I still laugh every time I see this picture! I know it could potentially look like animal cruelty but I assure you it is not.  Friends of ours have a Facebook page for their dog and quite often "he" will post funny things on there (as if it is from the dogs perspective).  Well Marsi (the dog) posted a pic on there, similar to the one below, about how he cannot tolerate inbred dogs (British humour).  So I made some toast, cut out a hole with a cookie cutter and then placed it on Rupert's face to quickly take this shot to post on Marsi's page.  (I assure you it was only on there for the briefest of seconds).  I would never do anything to harm my hairy child.

Well that's all for now.  Liking the process and enjoying keeping track of the day to day.
Tune in next time!

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