Project Life?

Sn@p Album's (or should it be Project Sn@p or maybe Sn@p Life...?)
Snap supplies purchased along with a kit from Echo Park

The two Snap albums I chose - pink & red! (my favourite colours)

Upon looking into Project Life further I came to find that they only had one size album which was 12 x 12.  Not only had I been trying to get away from this size in my regular scrapbooking, creating more things like mini albums and working outside my "comfort" zone, but I just didn't know that this size would necessarily work for me.

Not simply because of the "comfort" zone issue but mainly because I did not think that I would have enough daily or weekly things, between Simon, Rupert & I to fill up two complete pages of 12 x 12.  So when I started to look around more at other competitive items on the market I found that the Sn@p album seemed to suit my purposes better.  I felt more comfortable working with the smaller 8 x 6 size and felt that this wouldn't be too overwhelming for me to fill.

And again, as I was looking to make scrapbooking a more enjoyable process on a regular basis, something easy, quick and simple rather than something that had overtaken my craft table and would cause me feelings of inadequacy, (as I already have enough of those from my childhood!) I decided that working with the Sn@p albums would be a good idea or good start for me.

As well, as I had a tendency to start projects in the past and not finish them, I wasn't certain at this point that I would be able to get through the year, consistently.  (Who knows, fast forward to July or August and I simply may not be doing this anymore or creating posts about it, but we shall see.)  I guess because I was always a chronological 12 x 12 scrapper, the projects were never really truly finished as life was on-going so therefore, so were the albums.  It's only when I started doing albums that focused again on specific life events, that could be completed once that event was completed, that I seemed to falter.  So here I was hoping that this on-going rolling approach would also apply to the Sn@p albums.

Well, we shall see!

But in saying that, at least I have done my first week, to be posted soon!

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