Project Life

I have to say that when I first heard of this thing called Project Life I thought it sounded like something that a group of techno geeky research lab-bers would come up with when naming a research project, a code name for a project where they were secretly studying their colleagues (of for that matter, normal people or "non-geeks") as a means of exploratory observation.

I have seen so many people taking up this way of scrapbooking that I thought I might give it a go.  As the experts say, scrapbooking should be fun and not overwhelming.  When you are trying to plan an album and you find yourself never completing it as it becomes too much of a chore, to only then start another new album to commemorate a new event in your life and more than likely not completing this one either all simply because you didn't have the time you'd like to dedicate to your page layouts, it becomes a vicious cycle.  You then start feeling guilty or intimidated every time you sit down at your craft table, whereby you find yourself not wanting to scrap as much and in turn not feeling good about scrapbooking which defeats the whole point of scrapbooking to begin with.

So, like I said, I thought this year I would try something a bit different.  In addition I did get caught up in the Smash book craze by K&Co. when they were released and I found that I liked the freedom and guilt-free feeling that came with being creative in this way.  It reminded of being in high school, when my friends and I had a slam book, (not in a mean way, like a burn book) but a "book" (term used loosely as it was really just a spiral bound notebook) that we would pass around and ask fun questions about one another and as it gradually filled up we would also cut pictures from magazines and glue or tape them in there.  Soap or movie stars we had crushes on, designers or clothes we liked, places we wanted to go, all the while continuing to pass it around amongst ourselves.  Like that, I found the Smash book something that you could either spend 5 minutes on, if you had a busy day and just didn't have the time to sit down and scrap or longer, like 30 minutes, if you felt like being more creative and had the time to do so.

Anyway, I digress.

As I found this type of scrapbooking (Smashing) so freeing and as I hadn't been able to do regular scrapbooking (as I had moved like 13 times in the past 7 years and most of my supplies were still in boxes) I thought Project Life might be an easier way to document my life and memories too.  As well, like the Smash book, I liked that you could document the daily or the weekly, depending on what you found important or interesting.

So began my journey.

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