Hello Fellow Crafters!

Looking at my post date above I cannot believe that January is nearly over. Where did the month go?

Today I am sharing a few pages from my January Project Life. 

I have to say that I am liking the bigger size album this year. A change was definitely needed and I am glad that I chose to go with the 9 x 12 size. Although with the bigger size I do feel that I haven't done that much yet this year whereas with the smaller 6 x 8 size it definitely fills up quicker. 

The first page
Just before the Christmas break I was having difficulty with my right shoulder. It got to the point where just after the new year the pain became unbearable so had to visit the GP. She referred me to a physiotherapist. 

I cut up the flier from the physio clinic and inserted this into (4) 3 x 4 pockets.  I also created a mock patient assessment file card (don't worry, that's not my real NHS number). Found a little file folder tab from The Daily Grind kit by Simple Stories and enjoyed using my new sewing machine to attach it to the top of the card. 
I'm not necessarily a Marvel fan, one way or the other but one afternoon I found myself sitting in front of the telly watching Captain America - The Winter Soldier.  And I have to say it was quite a good film - a fast paced action packed adventure! Enjoyed it! 
(This insert is design I) 

The top (2) pockets
The bottom pocket
A pic of Rupert, full from his dinner, sitting in the kitchen, dozing with contentment as we eat our dinner. He brings me such joy! 

I also got a chance to do another full size 9 x 12 layout. I am really enjoying being able to work with this size. 

I know I already used this photo on my title page but I really liked it and we so rarely take pictures together (something I aim to do more this year) so I thought I would use it for a full size layout as well. 

I wanted to do a lot of layering with this layout as well as use a pink colour scheme. I am trying to make an effort to use up more of my stash this year as I have quite a lot to use so this was my first attempt at that. 

A close up of some of the smaller details.

My next page including a new year pic, what book I'm currently reading and some pics of all of us.  

Inserted a 2015 card at the top of the page. A very cute photo that Jason posted on my FB page just after the New Year which is totally my sense of humour! 

Last year I saw a lot of crafters regularly include in their albums what they were reading. This year I thought I would do the same. I am currently reading The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. 

I found this great printable on the Happy Go Lucky blog by the lovely Kara, which you can find here. The printable was much larger but I scaled it down to fit into a 3 x 4 pocket.
More pictures of Rupert as he is the child that I document! This is a daily ritual with Rupert. When Simon comes home for the evening this is what Rupert does.  It makes us both laugh so much!

As you can see this page is not complete. I have a few spaces yet to fill but I wanted to get it up and posted on the blog.
I have been coveting shoes like these for ages and finally found a pair in the UK, which is not an easy task.  There are many companies that carry shoes like this but mostly in the US or even some in Australia. But I always hesitate to purchase them from outside the UK as the postage would cost a small fortune and as well, if they don't fit and I have to return them I will then lose again with the return postage.
So this was a great find for me and I ordered them straight away. Took more than a couple weeks to arrive and when they did I was so excited, like a small child on Christmas morning! I was absolutely gutted to find as I was unpacking them from the box that there was a gouge on the outer heel of the right shoe. It doesn't come through completely in the small photo above but in real life you could clearly see it. So sadly I had to return them, after all that. 

I had my yoga mat out as I make an effort to exercise at home at least three times a week. Rupert always likes to roll around and rub his face all over my yoga mat once I'm done exercising. Don't know why he does it but I find it so adorable!

After looking back on my pages I have noticed that they do seem quite busy with all the polka dots, stripes and bold colours. 

Wondering if maybe I should tone it down it bit...?

Thanks for taking the time to drop by my blog!

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