TUESDAY, 16 DECEMBER, 2014

(I am desperately trying to get caught up. I so don't want to go into the New Year still posting October and November! It may be a lofty goal but I am going to try to get my October & November pages finished at the same time as my December album. I expect it may be an impossible feat.)

Rupert is such a poser!

I have had many pets throughout my life but I have never known a dog with such a big personality as his.

He really does make me laugh sometimes!

I was sitting in the easy chair next to him, working on something and looked over at him on the sofa to find him sitting like this.


Leaning on the armrest of the sofa like a person. I just had to capture it.

The 6X8 Snap albums don't come with 5 x 7 page protector inserts so sometimes when I want a photo to stand on its own I create an insert with some cardstock or heavy duty patterned paper.

SUPPLIES| The red paper is a scrap so I am not certain as to the brand. I wanted the word "Poser" to stand out so used bigger alphas for this word than "Hello."  These are AC Thickers called Kitten. The yellow "hello" die cut sticker is by Simple Stories. The black file folder tab on the side with "remember" is by Pink Paislee.

I love Pepperberry! If you are not familiar with them, they are the clothing line side of Bravissimo. 

I think they make some really lovely clothes so I always enjoy shopping there.

I'd been coveting this full skirt coat for quite some time.

As Winter is around the corner I thought it best to go shopping for a new Winter coat as I desperately need one.

Although I had my heart set on this one, sadly I was disappointed when I tried this on as it just didn't suit me.

Another entry completed for October!

Think I only have one more to post and then I am on to November!

Fingers crossed!

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