DAY 5 TO 7

Today I am sharing my December album days 5 through 7.

Now I didn't have anything actively happen on the 5th day that could have been construed as Christmassy and the photo prompt for the day was "Your View".  

Well, I expect they were imagining that I would be able to capture a Winter Wonderland, however that is not the case so I didn't think that a pic of my back garden would be that exciting for a Christmas or December album. 

However, when I woke up on Saturday morning, there was a layer of frost on the ground. And I thought hold on a minute, this would have been perfect for yesterday, so was going to use photos from Day 6 for 5.  Then I thought, why not just use them for Day 6 and skip Day 5. Why make it more complicated and crazy than it needs to be. Simplify.

Besides, in viewing other December albums online I have noticed that there are quite a few people this year that are not doing daily but are simply just adding things as they happen. 

So in that vein, this is what I decided to do with Day 6. I can always swap the prompts around as well if need be down the line to ensure I try to include them all. 


This the full two page spread for Day 6. I also included a smaller insert which I made from a Christmas card cut in half. Thought the "Let it Snow" phrase was somewhat appropriate for the theme.

For the photo in the top pocket I thought it was amazing that I could zoom in enough to actually capture the tiny little ice particles on the garden table. Its like a teeny tiny ice forest. 

For the bottom pocket I used some very old metallic frosty white paper (very apt) by Papermania that I was looking to get rid of. Worked perfect for the phrase "Jack Frost nipping at your Nose!" I included a couple snowflake brads by Accent Depot and also a tiny 3-D snowflake sticker by The Paper Company. (Just between me and you I had to put it right over the "O" where I smudged the ink as it wasn't dry when I popped the card into the pocket)

For this page I included a mock playing card with Frosty the Snowman on it along with a snapshot of footprints on the grass (I love the crunchy sound the grass makes when you walk across it after a frost)and a picture of the frost covering the branches of a shrub. For the journal card I created this insert with some leftover snowflake paper, half a Cosmo Cricket tag, a round "super" sticker by Simple Stories, a Dymo style "cold" sticker by EK Success and finally some glittery stars punched from an old Christmas card. 


As I had something of my own to add on this day I did not need to use the prompt as a fallback. However I may use the prompt for this day which was "Bright", further down the line. 

We had planned to attend the Annual Cookham Christmas Fayre this year as we missed it last year. I have to say I was really looking forward to it. 

Cookham is a small well to do village close to where we live, home to a few historical figures and also a couple of modern day t.v. and sports celebrities.  

We frequently walk Rupert along the Cookham Moor at the weekends so thought it would be easy to just go for our walk and then carry on up the high street to the fair. 

The weather was lovely at first, chilly but a bit sunny. There were loads of shopping stalls to peruse along with numerous food and beverage stalls.  

We were happily enjoying ourselves, about half way up the high street when the heavens opened up and rain lashed down upon us. In moments we were soaked to the bone as was Rupert and unfortunately had to call it a day. 

A couple snapshots of us in the car on the way home as we didn't get a chance to take any whilst at the street fair.  Simon is pulling his "Bah Humbug" face and I'm just laughing at him being an angry dork. The Bah Humbug card I created in Word and the Bright card is a compilation of Simple Stories and Pebbles.  

Another Christmas card insert with some AC Thickers called "Eric" spelling out JOY and on the back a picture of the Costa Hot Chocolate we got on the way home as we didn't get a chance to get a hot drink at the fair. 

Something to warm us up!

We do love our Costa Ho Cho's!  And the Snowman cup was so cute! This time we tried the Toffee Fudge Brownie one, which was so delicious!! Creamy & chocolatey! Was tough to share it.

That's my December album for now! 

My first week out of the way.  Only three more to go!

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