I know that I am a bit late to the party. Not only in joining in on doing a December Daily album but also in creating one! 

Yes, I created it today, December 1st and the picture above is the aftermath of said event.

As I said I wasn't intending to do a December Daily but have been inspired by others, mainly foreverandaday_gram.  You can find her December Daily album here.  It's simply in-cred-i-ble! 

I have probably watched her video like fifty times by now! Way to become an Instagram stalker. 

I will be switching it up a bit as I intend to include my regular monthly pocket pages along with my December Daily. 

As well, I wanted a bit of structure to follow as I'm sure I won't have enough Christmas related stuff to add myself, so I have decided to play along with a pin I found on Pinterest with photo prompts for capturing December. 

These are just a couple of the pages I have created.  

I plan to add my daily #'s as I go along as I'm not sure which pages I will be using for each day or photo.

I like the fact that I can swap it around as I go.  

I have spent many a year collecting sheets upon sheets of Christmas paper only to never use them so I am busting through my stash for this!

Lastly, here's hoping I will finish it as I have noticed that a lot of other scrappers start these and are then finishing them years later!

Happy Scrapping!

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