Now is a Good Time as Any

Well, as I am without a laptop, which means not being able to print out any pictures or do any proper crafting, I guess now is as a good time as any to do a massive clear-out and a bit of organising. I expect there will also be some purging along the way in the interest of simplifying what I have and getting ├╣ber organised.

The dreaded chaos that needs to be corralled and contained.

To be honest I was probably long over due for such a task anyway. It will help me to de-clutter, get rid of things I haven't used in ages, sort of streamline and simplify what I have and hopefully make my overall scrapping process a bit more efficient, rather than continuing to  spend my time looking for or through my supplies than actually scrapping.

At this point, (yes a day later) as you can see I have made a bit of progress, clearing off my work surface, organising the supply boxes in my cart and surprisingly throwing quite a few things in a give-away or get rid of box.  

Only thing is I won't know what to do with the stuff that I no longer wish to keep. We kinda live in the middle of nowhere, so no local craft shop or even non-local craft shop that I could leave them at for a craft group. We don't have kids so no school to donate them to and don't want to go wandering onto a school campus like some weirdo. I don't have a group of crafty friends nearby that could use them so that's not an option either.  I've tried posting stuff on FB groups for stash overload or SS hoarders before but never had much success so not sure where it will end up. I suppose as long as its transitioned off my desk and no longer contributing to the clutter,  that's a good start!

Looking a bit tidier now! I think realistically I need more space though as I am one of those scrappers who likes to spread out. I have great admiration for those scrappers out there who can scrap from like one portable box and a breakfast tray while still managing to be neat  and tidy about the whole process. I could probably learn more than a thing or two from them!

I'm not sure what I will do for the next two weeks or so while my laptop is being repaired or how I won't descend into scrap withdrawal madness but I guess I will just have to wait and see.  

Maybe the next time you visit I will be posting my blog from the arts and crafts room at the local sanitarium!

Thanks for stopping by! 

(PS-also thankful for smart phones, which is how I did this post, but let me tell you it wasn't the easiest thing nor short in the process, so apologies for any blatant errors or wonky bits!)

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