Five Guys

I really struggled with this page, went round and round with it.  I wanted to keep it fairly simple in terms of colour and paper.  I had originally imagined using this background page but then didn't like it and switched the paper around more than 4 or 5 times, becoming increasingly frustrated.  Nothing seemed to work, nor did the embellishments I was laying down on the paper.  It just didn't feel right.  Funnily enough I ended up back on this paper. 
Being American and having been to Five Guys in the US I am quite familiar with them but Simon had yet to experience the greatness of Five Guys.  I had heard one had opened in London but that was a long way to go for a cheeseburger, even though they are that good.  So I was really pleased when I heard that one had opened in Reading, which is just down the road for us.  We go to The Oracle (a shopping centre) there in Reading quite often to the cinema so I thought that one night before the movies we would pop over to try out Five Guys.
I have to admit it was nice to see something familiar "from home" and it's at times like these that I then do long for home ground.  Although I was taking him there to experience the cheeseburgers I just couldn't resist and ordered myself a hotdog instead.  I LOVE hotdogs (and yes I know how awful they are for me) but they are something that always reminds me of home and my childhood.  Plus they are pretty much non-existent in this country.  Whenever we go to a faire or carnival I get excited when I see the burger vans that are also advertising "hotdogs".  Typically though it is quite disappointing as it is usually just a sausage masquerading as a hotdog in a bread roll.  I think they need to learn the concept of what a hotdog is, which I'm sure Five Guys could set them straight on, as well as great All American burgers!

Simon had the cheeseburger with loads of extras and couldn't get it down fast enough.  It was so delicious and I was even cheeky enough to ask for a bite as I simply couldn't resist.  Its nice to know that there is now one so close to us and would like to say that we will be going back ALL the time, but I suppose they probably aren't the best for your waistline.  However, I will be savouring them on the occasions that we do go back!
SUPPLIES | Background page is the hard card inserts that come with the Simple Stories Sn@p albums, this one came with the red album. The letter stickers spelling out Five Guys are by Simple Stories - the small ones called Typeset and the large simply Letters.  The 5 of Hearts playing card is a real card from a deck of cards we picked up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  The pink 5 cent ticket is by Recollections which I think I purchased at Michael's while in the states.  The square metal tag next to it is by American Crafts and is ancient.  The 5 ticket on the right side of the cheeseburger photo is also by Recollections.  The yellow "Cheese" stickers is by Simple Stories.  The curly arrow is by Simple Stories from their new DIY Boutique line.  The numbers at the bottom are by Simple Stories - Letters. "Today's Story" is the paper name strip cut off the bottom of paper by Echo Park from their original Photo Freedom (?) kit. The red "Heart this" sticker is by Simple Stories.
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