Simple Stories D.I.Y. Collection (Inspired by Kristine Davidson)

Hello Fellow Crafters!
I haven't crafted or scrapped for a while as I just don't feel like I am getting out of it what I used to, which is sad for me and I'm not really sure why.  I am still making sure to take my daily/weekly pictures and jotting down notes, just in case I do want to pull together a month of PL or Life Documented with Simple Stories but haven't actually sat down at my scrap table for over a month now.
As my table sits right at the entry to my lounge I do have to pass it, numerous times a day, to sit on the sofa or watch a bit of telly.  I somehow don't feel right passing it by, my supplies strewn about the table, sitting there forgotten.  I have to admit I have thought about getting rid of everything in its entirety and no longer scrapping but something stops me. 
Today, to my surprise, I found myself sitting down there, working with some of the new stickers and paper by Simple Stories from the D.I.Y. line.  This bit of crafting was inspired by Kristine Davidson. With TwoPeasinabucket closing down I have been downloading some of my saved bookmark images to my computer as there are too many wonderful creative projects online that I don't want to lose.
I have to admit I have been a big fan of Kristine Davidson's work and it was actually a post she did in May, (
 with the new Simple Stories D.I.Y. & D.I.Y. Boutique collections that inspired me to create these cards myself.  In downloading her images, I visited her website again (okay, in all honesty, it's something I do a lot, not just simply because I was downloading her projects) and was then inspired to create these cards.
 I genuinely had a lot of fun creating these cards and just letting them come together. Playing around and doing whatever felt good. I like how they turned out.
I placed the cards I made in a page protector along with a picture of Rupert to see how they would look in an album.
 All of the supplies used are Simple Stories D.I.Y. collection with the exception of the pink glittery stars alongside the "It Is What It Is" tag.
Thanks for looking.
Christine  : )

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