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Well, it has been quite some time since I have been on my blog. 

It seems like life had a sequence of events in store for me. 

After studying for and passing my UK Citizenship test I happened to go back to work full time, after being unemployed for mostly two years. 

It was quite a shock and a major adjustment, to say the least and then shortly thereafter my father passed away. 

Life became a maelstrom. 

In the way of creativity, I haven't done much nor been anywhere near my craft table since May. 

The only thing I have been working on since then is an art journal to help me work through what I need to and I am also embracing other things in life at the moment. 

I felt compelled to come on here today more so for my own reasons. I know I didn't have a huge following, nor actually much of a following at all. I'm certain no one was checking to see "when I would post next".  

For now who knows whether I will keep this up, alternatively take it in another direction or just stop all together. 

But nonetheless, this is me, for now.

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  1. Well I missed your posts! Hope to see more soon 😃