DAY 23 TO DAY 25

DAY 23

Julie invited us over for a few Christmas cocktails so the evening was spent in front of the fire, chatting, catching up and enjoying each other's company. Made for a lovely evening!

DAY 24

It has always been a tradition for me to watch It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve. I love this film and cry every time I see it even though I've seen it a hundred times before. A brilliant tradition. 

DAY 25

I just loved this felt Santa gift tag that I decided to use it on my main Christmas page.

Couldn't do a Christmas layout without including a picture of your Christmas roast dinner! So delicious! Now that is one UK tradition that I can totally get used to!

After dinner we did watch a few Christmas films as we sat in front of the fire. I wanted to include these in the layout so punched some holes in a Simple Stories Cozy Christmas pocket and popped it in my album. I printed out small pics of the films and glued them to the back of a couple Christmas gift tags. Done!

The photo-a-day prompt for today was "Morning" and the picture of Rupert documents this. We spent the morning in bed opening presents with Rupert surfing through the discarded wrapping paper. With him loving every minute of it!

That's my pre-Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas day pages!

Yay!  Another one finished!

As I'm documenting until the end of December I have a couple more days to complete and then December is done!

Thanks for having a look!

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