Today I am sharing Day 15 & 16. (Yes, I have skipped Day 14, which I am still working on but didn't want to fall behind with 15 & 16 so I am going to post it).

DAY 15

The inspiration for the design for this page/layout came from Robyn Michelle Houston. You can find her original post here on Facebook in a Smashing group that I belong to.  When I saw her page I really liked it and then when the prompt came up for "Favorite Holiday Song" in my Capturing December list, I thought I would use her page for my inspiration. 

Below is my version of her page. 

The photo prompt for today, Day 15 was "Favorite Holiday Song."  To be honest, I would be hard pressed to pick just one so I picked my top 5. 

Below is a close-up of the list.

This is the backside of the layout. I was going to use this as the front of the page, but as you can see it printed out crooked so I flipped it over. I added a few pics of the crooners on the Top 5 list to make it a bit more colourful and fun!  

SUPPLIES: The background paper is simple craft paper that I believe I got in a Studio Calico kit ages ago. The striped paper behind the Top 5 list is from the Simple Stories Cozy Christmas 12x12 paper pack. All the stickers used front and back are also Simple Stories. The wood veneers (ornament & red snowflakes) are Studio Calico which I have coloured with glitter ink.

DAY 16 

I have to say that Outside Christmas Lights (in abundance) are something that are somewhat difficult to find in the UK. Having grown up in the US I became so accustomed to neighborhood after neighborhood going all out when decorating their houses for Christmas. 

However, here in the UK, not so much. Now don't get me wrong, the Brits do indeed enjoy celebrating Christmas - having office Christmas parties, going down the pub for a festive drink or two, doing Secret Santa, and exuberantly shouting out (for the month of December) "it's Christmas!", or letting people get away with things they normally wouldn't because "it's Christmas!". As well, if you go to London you will find quite a few stores have decorated for Christmas with decorations and lights.

But when it comes to individual homes, not many people will put up lights or decorations, which is something I just find odd. I did read something the other day though, when I went online to look for neighborhoods where we could go to view Christmas lights, probably wishful thinking on my part. I came across an article about a man who lives about 20 minutes from us over in Sonning who likes to do Christmas "American style" and I do mean proper American style. Loves to cover his house in lights and all kinds of decorations.  

Well, long story short, his neighbors have complained about the noise, the lights, the people coming by, etc. so he has been issued an ASBO (for those not in the UK who may not know what this is - its stands for Anti-Social Behaviour Order)

As I read along I found out that this year, 2014, he is only allowed to put up 300 lights, which actually sounds like a lot. But I have come to find out that this is only one string of lights. Not very festive or indicative of the Christmas spirit. So, I've surmised that you can celebrate Christmas in the UK just as long as you do it civilly, don't disrupt anyone else and do it tastefully, keeping the outward festivities to a minimum! 

SUPPLIES: The Shine Bright paper is from an old Studio Calico kit as is the gold star. The red alphas are from Lilybee Design called Sweet Shoppe. For the back page, the red background paper is from the Cozy Christmas line by Simple Stories. The two stickers at the top left and the little house on the bottom right are also from the Cozy Christmas line.  The glittery silver star is by Freckled Fawn. The alphas spelling "outside lights" are Lilybee.

Hope everyone's album is coming along nicely!

I am surprised that I am keeping up with this but I do admit, that if I had kidlets running about, was busy with in-laws, office parties and loads of Christmas shopping plus other holiday festivities I don't think I would have time for this.  So I give credit to those crafters who manage to do all of the above AND keep a December album!

Happy Scrapping!

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