Life Without You - Studio Calico LOAW Challenge

Hello All!
I am a regular over on the Studio Calico website and enjoy the inspiration that I find there as well as the camaraderie amongst the community.  Last week as I was scrolling through the message board I came across a post about a SC challenge, presented by Tara Elias. She is very talented and I enjoy following her on SC, seeing what her latest project or layout is, so was interested to see what the challenge was. (You can check her out here).  
She was responsible for the month of October for the L.O.A.W. (Layout a Week) challenge.  This particular challenge (L.O.A.W #3) was to create a layout but not use any embellishments.  I just happened to comment on the message thread as I happened to be on the message board when they were posting some comments.
Basically my comment was such that I would find it really difficult to create a page without embellishments, that I thought it would look so plain.  Tara responded back saying, funnily enough, "well therein lies the challenge".  Normally I probably would have just gone on with visiting the rest of the message boards that evening and then logged off.  But for some reason I thought no, I am going to take this challenge.  Rare for me.  Yes, if you know me personally I am the type of person who will accept a dare or challenge, in person, but not typically something online, whether it be on a forum or those annoying status posts on something like FB that you get strong armed or emotionally blackmailed, if you will, into posting as your status.  I'm sure you all know what I mean!
I didn't want to create just a plain page with a photo and text but I did want to try to find a way that I could get the look of an embellishment onto the page. So I decided to try a bit of masking as it's "all the rage" at the moment and "all the kids are doing it".  
I have played around with paints before but this was my first attempt using this technique and I was pleased with how it turned out.
I do have to say that I did find this challenge just that, very challenging!  There were more than a handful of times that in the midst of creating the page that I started to reach for different embellishments and then remembered that I wasn't allowed to use any.  I did think there for a while that I would not finish the page as it just sat on the side of my desk for about a week, not making any progress. I also debated about whether I would finish it in its entirety and thought to myself, its just causing me too much frustration, maybe I should leave it.  Nevertheless, I vowed it wasn't going to get the better of me and just decided to sit down and be done with it.
What you see below is the finished page.
In addition to the masking I also put my hand to trying that new script lettering that again "all the kids are trying".  I'm not sure if this is the right style or the way it is done but this was my take on it.
In the end I am glad that I took the challenge and that I finished the page, that I could rise to the occasion and complete what I set out to do.
Thanks for having a look!

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