My Trophy "Husband's" Scrapbook Page

As I am a regular on Studio Calico I have been following along with One Scrappy Doctor (Natalie Elphinstone) for the monthly reveal with her Trophy Husband filming the kit unpacking video.  Which has made for good viewing!
In passing I mentioned it to my partner and I should preface this with that ever since he knew I was a scrapper, he has sort of taken the piss when I ask him sometimes how he's going to spend his evening or afternoon.
"I'm going to do a bit of scrapping and then smashing.  Or maybe, just to switch it up a bit, do some smashing and then scrapping." (Mind you this is said by me now in that sort of mocking Bert & Ernie voice, that's meant to be his voice, that all us girlfriends & wives take on when answering questions for them, asked by us, to our significant others).
So, in mentioning Natalie's Trophy Husband video to him this week, as I only just watched it yesterday, he said to me tonight when I asked whether he was going out this evening, he replied with "no, I'm going to stay in and finally do that smashing scrap page I've been planning on doing."
Okay, Mr. Smartypants I said, let's see you do it then!  I threw down the gauntlet.  I figured he would just say I'm too busy which he actually did "I've got a busy evening ahead of me" but then proceeded to sit down at my scraptable and say "whatta ya got" (albeit not in that Bert & Ernie mocking tone).
Very well then, game on! We proceeded to select a picture that he was happy to scrap.  I cropped it, printed it and cut it to a 4x6 size with my paper cutter.  We then picked a background paper.  I offered him a multitude of choices - plain, cardstock, patterned: striped, swirly, polka dots, etc.  You name it, I offered it.  He went with the American Crafts wooden fencing, as I call it.
(Sorry not sure on the actual name.)
 (The Planning Process - trying to decide if he liked this sticker.  He thought it appropriate as it says "you've left paw prints on my heart".)
I then asked if he wanted to include a journaling card and showed him a few examples of where I've used them for actual journaling or when I've just used the tabbed word(s) along the top of the card.  I got out an overabundance of supplies - stickers, mini alphas, big alphas, enamel dots, chipboard stars, tags, chipboard buttons, flair.  Again, you name it, I pretty much got it out.  Just to show him what his options were.  Admittedly, maybe I was a tad bit too excited that he was actually scrapping! 
 He picked a few more dog appropriate stickers, mostly from the Simple Stories Dog line.  We added one (me & my dog) along the bottom and then another (love me, love my dog) along the top.
He then decided that he needed something along the top right of the picture as it was a bit bare there, so he selected a 2x2 Insta Square piece from the Sn@p dog line by Simple Stories. (To be honest I was quite proud that he 'saw the hole' and decided to put something there.) 
(The Final Page)
 I asked if he wanted to add any embellishments, again a lot of my stock came out.  He said it was too much to choose from and sometimes "less is more".  He did however want to play around with my dog paw print stamp and add some pawprints to the page.  So I showed him how to do this and then we finished it with the date stamp in the upper right hand corner.
And there you go!
His first (and to be honest) probably last scrap page.
He did conclude this by saying "see, now I've smashed".  Whereby I said, "hold on a minute my friend, I'm afraid you haven't. That is something entirely different."
The look that crossed his face was priceless.
I did ask if he could see the enjoyment in it to which he replied yes but he said to be honest he felt there was too much choice.  Maybe I should take a page from his book as I know a lot of us scrappers are always saying we spend more time planning and organizing than we actually do scrapping.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening for me!
Thanks Natalie for the inspiration.
Christine x


  1. Oh that is absolutely brilliant! What a weird and amazing experience it is when hubby decides to scrap! He's done a fabulous job by the way - the page is quite awesome. I loved this post :-)

  2. Good for you (and for him!) Did you have him sign the back as proof down the road when someone questions that he actually created that page?! Great story and great layout!