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The source/credit for this great vintage Valentine!

Remember those old style vintage Valentine cards with the cherub faced kids, reminiscent of Campbell's Soup kids, all sweetness and light, with a tag line that was a very cheeky play on words.  I used to love getting those cards when I was a kid, the highlight of Valentines Day!  You could keep the candy hearts or sweethearts, it was the cards I was interested in.  See, even then I loved paper!  In the week leading up to Valentines Day in school we would spend our time making a personalised little construction paper and cardboard mailbox, decorated with glue, glitter, sequins, paint, yarn and whatever crafty items the teacher managed to have in her craft kitty.  Then on that all important day, everyone would come to school with loads of pink and red envelopes stuffed in their book bag, bulging to capacity, excited about not only giving out those Valentines but also receiving them!
So, my post today is in honour of Valentines Day.  I have included some free Valentine themed insert cards below.  Now I know they're nowhere near as good as most of the PL cards out there, made by numerous designers and manufacturers but sometimes I like to be creative in other ways with my PL rather than just inserting pre-printed cards or photos.  I just like to play around and see what I can create.  As sharing is another good thing, something else we learned in grade school, I thought I would do so here!
Please feel free to download and use in your pocket scrapbooking albums or in whatever way your crafty creativity strikes you!
I am still learning about all things technical so if the link does not work, please post a comment here and I will try to sort it out for you.
If  you do download them, I would love to see how you use these in your albums!
What are some of your memories about childhood Valentines? I would love to hear about them.
Thanks for stopping by!
Christine x

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  1. I love Valentines day too, and I remember all the cute card exchanges from grade school. So much fun! I love your printables too - especially the "life is sweet" card. Happy Valentine's Day in advance, ha ha! :)