{ Week 12 - March 18th to March 24th }

This is Week 12 of my Project Life via Snap!

Here is the two page spread for the week:
Left hand page: 

Right hand page:
Week 12 Date Card:

I find this picture funny!  We actually did have a mouse or two in the pantry last year, that's what happens when you live in the countryside I've found.  A whole new concept for a city girl like me.  However this time it wasn't a mouse but Simon.  In my shopping adventures, as it becomes an adventure sometimes in trying to find things around here, I happened to come across honeycomb.  Now I wasn't looking for it specifically but sometimes when I trip over things in the shop that are American products or American like, I will pick them just because. So I bought a bag of the chocolate honeycomb which I had put away in the pantry.  I went in there to get something else on this occasion for dinner and found the remnants of what was left of the honeycomb. Quite comical. I think in his excitement to get them out of their bag he left some remnants on the pantry shelf.  
Journal card for this week.  I had (2) 3x4 slots for my journaling this week and a bit to fill it up with.
The weather here is ever changing.  It was cold enough this week for a fire.  Whenever we have a fire Rupert's favourite place is always directly in front of it, on his pillow from his dog bed along with his favourite red ball.  Pure contentment.
In my wanderings a few weeks back in Marlow, not specifically looking for anything, just doing a little bit of window shopping I had seen a polka dot scarf but couldn't remember which store it was in.  However this week I managed to track it down and found it in White Stuff, so I didn't waste any time in purchasing it.  I have a thing for polka dots, probably go a bit mad with it actually but this scarf will make a nice addition to my wardrobe.
Every night when we go to bed I will typically read whatever book I have on the go at the moment and Simon will play his Gameboy.  He says its his equivalent of reading.  Whereas playing a video game for most people would probably be overly stimulating before bedtime Simon said that it actually relaxes him and helps him fall asleep. Typically he falls asleep with the game in his hand and I have to gently take it out of his hands, turn it off and put it on the nightstand. However he never believes this the next morning, though how he thinks it magically gets on the nightstand I'll never know.  So this time I took a picture as his hands continue to stay like he is holding the game. Hilarious!

And that's all for this week!

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